Phd projects in RTOOL have come to limelight in the recent years due to advanced features. RTOOL is a set of utilities designed to disseminate tournament information quickly, beyond just printing and posting. RTool is a central program for the event extension platform which provides utilities for score keepers to use simply event logistics. It is used in tournaments due to its time saving features with alert system. It can be used for 8 people tournament and also for 800 people tournaments due to its automatic timer. It is integrated package which can make the event organisation easy with all advanced features.

current phd projects in RTOOL includes implementation of performance management for managing modern entrepreneurial projects, Project management methodologies as a main tool for the current challenges, Training in systems approaches for the next generation of life scientists and medical doctors etc. This tool is mainly used in software engineering projects and medical fields to analyse the body metabolism. We have provided few applications of this tool in various projects. You can refer to get some idea else you can approach us for detailed explanation. Taking project in this tool is easy but implementation can be little tedious. Students can reduce their tensions as we are there to help them at 24/7. Just choose a topic and approach us, we will start from ABC of the concept and will make you master in the relative field.


Information overload
Web site navigation
Controlled vocabularies
Financial concerns
Not evaluating resources
Overlooking Alternative Web-Based Resources
Heuristic search strategies
Construction of Decision tree etc



1.Will you install the tool?

Come with your laptop, we will install the tool with software backups.

2.If we need new OS, will you install?

Yes few tools require new OS, in such case we will install required OS and the tool.

3.I need latest R tool , will you afford?

We have all tools with its latest version. We update ourselves constantly with recent researches and required tools. We will offer you the latest Rtool to support you.