Domain Identification
Area Recommendation
Literature Survey
Collect Exiting Works
Case Study
Problem Identification
Novel Technique Introduce
Abstract Preparation
Architecture Design
Data Analysis
Tool Selection
Program Implementation
Logical Verification
Mathematical Proof Checking
Document Preparation
Rough Draft
Proof Verification
Plagiarism Checking
Journal Paper Preparation
Menu Script Validation
Journal List Collection
Matching The Journals
Journal Publication
Thesis Writing

Get Your Needs,

Journal Paper (SCI/Scopus)

Conference Paper

Programs / Pseudocode

Paper Publication

Thesis Writting

PHD Guidance

                  Research is an endeavor taken by individual to find something new and innovative. Today, lots of scholars are interested to work in an innovative platform under the guidance of research supervisor to acquire their desired PHD degree.
                  But majority of scholars are in perplexed stage regarding a perfect guidance institute for their PHD Guidance. An ideal research institute must accommodate trust and confidentiality in their basic service.
                  Being ISO certified institute, we offer complete research guidance for students along with trust as our fundamental value. To be precise, we can say that we are one step solution for all your research needs and guidance.

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Success Stories

  • 1800 + PHD Scholars
  • 9000 + MS/M.TECH/M.E Thesis
  • 13000 + B.TECH / B.E Projects
  • 900 + Authors

9 Years of Service Excellence


You can avail complete PhD guidance service under our research supervisors. Our service includes Journal paper publication [high impact factor journal(SCI,SCOPUS, ISI)] support, Conference support[National and international], Complete Code Implementation support, Thesis/dissertation writing support, Research proposal support and Novel conceptualization support. Get our aid to explore the field of research.

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Journal Members

  • Sci / Thomson Reuters -
  • ISI - isi
  • Scopus - scopus
  • International Journals - inter

Who We Are

                  PHD Consultancy is a research foundation started with the collaborative efforts of research scholars and supervisor. We have a team size of 100+ skilled researchers and experts, who have a minimum experience of 10 years.
                  Our team members are renowned for their expertise in various research domains and have been awarded as best researchers for their technological contribution.



PhD Team

Our PhD team is composed of

  • One PHD supervisor
  • Two professionals
  • One Versatile developer
  • One communication writer[native English speaker]

Our team members mingle together to offer you a dynamic environment for your career upliftment and successful research accomplishment. Once you commit with us, we allocate you with your research team, which will give you an individual focus to bring out your individuality and creativity.

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Paper Publication

One of our fundamental supports for research scholars is paper publication in high impact factor journal. Being members in 500+ journals, we have an immense knowledge about journal paper writing and publication.
Many institutes can guarantee you regarding paper publication support but no one will support you up to paper publication.
We are the first research guidance institute, who can support you up to your paper gets published in a high impact factor journal.

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Come to us with a passion on your research, we will make your research more passionate and interesting with our complete effort and Endeavour.

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Our Benefits

  • Plagiarism Free
  • Research Confidential
  • Novel Idea
  • Indepth Research
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Unmatched Resource Team