Thesis Topics for Computer Science Students is the need for many scholars today due to the fluctuating mind of young scholars. Few scholars may have worked in networking up to their undergraduate and then switched on to cloud computing in the Master degree. It is not the fault of the scholars, we have fluctuating mind and we work according to the latest trends and topics. During the last few years, cloud computing is at the peak due to its latest technologies like hadoop and mapreduce.


Scholars may feel it attracted to take up a thesis topic in cloud computing. But we advice our scholars to select their field and keep track on it. Even if you have selected networking, it has various recent works which can be taken up as a research. For computer science students, there are nearly 70 different domains. Among each domain, we have plenty of topics and sub topics to be worked on. Computer science is a vast domain due to its application in every other field. So scholars have wide option to choose their topic of interest.

We have complete updation of every domain under computer science. But we follow certain steps to select a Thesis Topics for Computer Science Students. A good beginning is the half success. It is said by many great people, so if we take up a correct topic, we will end up with correct result. To take up a topic, we consider the following factors:

Interest of the researcher and his domain specialization

This is the first step towards topic selection as knowing the scholars Interest, passion and knowledge is important. Scholars must understand their domain of specialization which will be helpful for them throughout their life. If scholars have no idea about domain, we will guide them to choose their area of interest.

Exclusivity of topic to make the research unique

Based on the domain knowledge and interest, we help scholars to choose their topic. We will select the best topic which will give a unique identification to your research.

Scope of exploring the topic and conducting original research
We follow:

Scrutinizing and analyzing the complete domain
Identify the problem statement and create a novel idea.

It is not an easy task to scrutinize the topic under any domain. Also It is our knowledge and experience which makes us to find a novel idea and topic. For example, if we take networking, finding a topic in such a wide domain is difficult; we narrow it down according to the latest trend like IPv6 security attacks. Again we work on this sub domain and find a novel idea as we are aware of every novel idea registered up to date. Our immense knowledge makes us to create original research.

Viability of covering the topic within specified time

Topic selection must also ensure the time it requires for complete research. Topics must also selected in such a way that it must be finished within the specified time limit.

Approximate cost for the research topic

Based on the topic, we can also identify the estimated cost for overall research. Generally, if we choose a topic in Pervasive computing, it always cost little high ten other domain due to the use of devices like sensors, cameras etc. So, we also suggest our scholar the approximate cost based on the topic. If sometimes, scholars wish to work in low budget but select domains like pervasive computing, we also help them to choose the topic with optimum cost. We also consider cost as a factor while selecting a topic.


We also give complete focus on thesis topic selection as we believe that one should be ingenious from the very beginning. A scholar must select a topic correctly as they are the one who is going to face their internal guides and also external reviewers. Scholars dedication and interest is the prime factor to take up a research topic. It is a free guidance which we also support for our scholars. Our team of experts will assist the scholars to choose the most recent and apt topic for their research. Our advisers are also abreast of the current developments and trends in the field of research who can guide you the best. We also advice our scholars to take up a right decision as it is the right time to approach us.

Thesis-Topics-for Computer-Science Students can be the need of the students
But we feel it as our service for our students……………
Thesis-Topics for Computer-Science-Students

We also have enormous Thesis Topics for Computer Science Students to work upon. We work on the following domains:

Image processing
Data Mining
Cloud computing
Network Security
Service Computing [ Web Service ]
Social Sensor Networks
Software Defined Networking
Software Re-Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Text Mining
Pixel per inch
Ad hoc network
Vehicular Ad hoc Network
Video Streaming
Visual Cryptography
Wireless Body Area Network
Wire-less[Wireless Networks ]
Wireless Sensor Networks
Natural Language Processing
Audio, Speech, And also Language Processing
Brain Computer Interface
Dependable And also Secure Computing
Information Forensics And Security
Internet Computing
Learning Technologies
Systems And Cybernetics
Context aware Computing
Soft Computing
Mobile Cloud Computing

We also cannot confine our domain list and knowledge in this short page. Also, We wish our scholars to approach us to know about our knowledge and experience in each domain. We have a list of sub domains under each domain which in turns contain list of topics. Like this we also cover every aspect of computer science. So scholars can also blindly approach us to get their thesis topics from us.

THE FIRST STEP IS TO …………………………………..

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1.Do you work in recent trends of computer science?

Yes, we always work on most recent trends of computer science. Updating knowledge and skill is our passion.

2.Can we get solution for topics which our supervisor will suggest?

Yes we can provide solution for any topic you bring due to our expertise in all the domains. We feel pleasure to work in new and unknown topics due to our inquisitive research team.

3.What is the fees structure for research topics?

Fees structure for the research topic is based on whether the student is:
Post graduate or
PhD scholar
Based on the degree, we charge the fees.