RESEARCH PAPER ASSISTANCE is a boon for scholars who wish to publish their papers in top journals. Our Assistance, focus on every aspect of research paper with the only aim to provide ethical assistance for our scholar. We focus on two major things i.e Timely delivery and quality.

We have dedicated persons working with us to bail out the perplexing situation of scholars with their wide experience and academic knowledge. We have nearly 100 employees working on different areas like editing, formatting, proof reading, content writing etc. We also work for round the clock all the business days. Due to our availability and also experience, we have our scholar’s world wide.


RESEARCH PAPER ASSISTANCE is one of the crucial parts of research which need at least a time period of 1 year. But few scholars may need to get their work done within 3 months. Generally, scholars also have no idea about the journal they approach. Scholars face difficulties also in publishing their paper due to two reasons:

Lack of journal knowledge
Blind focus also on few journals

Scholars approach for a particular journal without any knowledge about it. It may be suggested by the guide or it may be their wish to publish in such journals.

There are mainly three well recognized journals:


All these above journals have 10 thousand journals under it. Every journal has specific area which we need to analyze before publishing our paper. According to our subject content, we need to identify the journal and then proceed with our work. It is not the fault of scholar for not knowing about the journal and its turnaround time. Before selecting a journal, scholars should keep in mind two things, the time period they need and the standard they focus. Few journals get easy acceptance while few take at least 3 months time.

All these issues will be identified by the scholar after there paper gets rejected. This is the reason why scholars need assistance. Paper writing is not a simple task as all think. We can write the paper as our wish, but its publication is a complex task. In order publish our paper successfully; we need to understand all the issues associated with it. In this focus in our mind, we have started Research-Paper-Assistance to bridge the gap between the scholar and journals. We assist our scholar to overcome all the issue and provide complete assistance from the top to the bottom.

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Why to get Paper-Assistance:

There are many who would have promised you to provide assistance for your paper. But many of the sites are not giving as per the expectations of the scholar. They dont support as per the wish of the scholar. They are just based on the concept of paper selling. We are best due to our standard and procedure we follow to assist our scholars. Also We never sell paper or provide old papers; we create papers for our scholar.

We get all the requirements from the scholar and create paper for them. Our initial requirement includes: Scholars topic of interest, target journal and overall concept. If the scholar is not aware of any of these requirements, then we make scholars to understand their need and work for them. These are the reason which makes us stand best as we work for scholars happiness and satisfaction.

100%-custom writing
100 % requirement satisfaction
100%-acceptance assurance
100 %publication guarantee
100 %-timely delivery
Optimum cost with high quality


Our assistance is not narrowed by focusing only on the paper. We start our assistance from topic selection to till it get published. We give 100 % paper acceptance guarantee due to the standard we follow. Sometimes, scholars may approach us, who doesnt know even the basis of research but want to publish their paper. For those scholars, we provide complete research assistance in addition to the paper work. Our assistance is like an ocean, we dont have specific boundaries.

We are fully flexible to our scholars as per their needs. Our ideas, thinking and power of imagination, everything is broad like our service. We also provide support for scholars who need only paper assistance. Our support is customized according to the scholar.

Paper Acceptance

We are giving you 100% paper acceptance guarantee, but do you think how we can give you such assurance. It is due to the standard we maintain for every paper we create.

We make sure that the following point we focus while writing our paper:

Focus on scope and clarity in aim
Address comprehensive range of relevant literature work
Mined content
outstanding Analysis and Evaluation
Integration of theoretical framework
Perfect structure with clarity and coherence.
Academic writing with high standard
Ample use of referencing
Fully focused on communication

   After following all the above mentioned guidelines, it is sure that our paper gets accepted. If suppose, our paper did not get publish, we never leave our scholars. We work till your paper gets published and you feel satisfied. Also, We feel our scholars are our pride, so we will be always in touch with our scholars.

We have published nearly 1000 papers in all range of journals. So We are in contact with all the scholars we have worked with, through email. We dont stop our support anytime, once you get committed to us, our support will be life long. To know our real service and support, get our assistance so that you can speak about us.



1.According to the journal standard, how you order?

Our journal ordering is based on the journal quality and standard which follows:
1. SCI
2. ISI
3. Scopus

2.For data mining research paper, what are the tools you use to give assistance?

Best data mining tools we use which include Wega,Wordnet,Sentiwordnet, Java,Matlab,rtool.

3.We have prepared the paper, we need it to publish alone, can you support?

According to your paper, we suggest the suitable category of journal, if you get satisfy we will proceed. If you need to publish in specific journal, then we will change your paper to its standard and publish it.