We have a well defined privacy policy for protecting the personal details; our company may not share or disclose the users or client personal information to others, the personal information is collected only for the communication purposes only. Client personal detail may be shared only when a new company is merged to our company.

The personal details are collected for the communication purposes such as to intimation about the delivery of the project and the user can also clarify their queries.

The personal details are kept and maintained in the higher level of confidentiality. Our site is spam free so that when a mail enters undergo a spam checking and virus checking methodologies.

Similarly our company product is free from viruses and Trojan horses so that the user may get service as what they need. Our company has legal rights to report or reject the spam mail and intimate the corresponding individuals for necessary disciplinary actions.

Our company have a high level confidentiality level so that the customer personal information is protected and it is disclosed to other. Our company use the cookies for analyse the activities of the customer while accessing the site; it is very useful for to know about the services used by the customer. Our company also uses the traffic cookies for monitoring the traffic that access the site.

Our company systems is prevented of accessing the external devices such as CDs, Floppy disks, pen drives and flash drives for to prevent unauthorised accessing and to protect the information.

Our company have full rights to change or alter the privacy policies at any time. Our company provide wide range of service user must follow all the terms and conditions for to use the appropriate services, because each service has specific terms and conditions.