PHD PROJECTS IN WORDNET is an appealing domain to explore. Why it become so familiar and attractive in recent days, can anyone of us think of it. It is based on simple logic and i.e it is a base to explore in languages like English. Today from all official to non official purpose we use English, this is the basic medium for communication.

Wordnet is a lexical database of English. It contains verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs which group into cognitive synonyms(synset). Synset is a distinct concept which is related to another synset through some lexical relation. Many techniques are available to relate synsets for ex. ADW which is implement in java. It can also be connect to other vocabulary. Due to its vast features, it is also used in computational linguistics and natural language processing.


PhD projects in Wordnet can also apply in fields like information retrieval, automatic text summarization, machine translation, crossword puzzle generation etc. It also forms the base of many projects which deals with semantic web concept and ontology based search. Today global wordnet association is working on connecting all word net languages in the world. Wordnet is develop for many new languages like Malayalam, French version of word net etc. for those who are also trying to pursue in Wordnet can go through our site and also can get more new ideas. It also has wonderful scope in the future due to its increasing growth and usage.


WordNet is also a large lexical database of a specific language. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are group into sets of cognitive synonyms (synsets), each of which expresses also a distinct concept.

Disambiguation of meaning
semantic tagging
information retrieval and extraction
semantic distance
audio or video retrieval
Document structuring and categorization
to serve the development of WordNet in various language
Language teaching and also translation applications
Parameterisable information systems
Natural language interfaces also for search engines
automatic generation of tools also for semantic disambiguation of concepts (corpora, dictionaries, directories, thesauri) and also the creation of knowledge summaries from expanded queries
Support for the design of grammatical categorizations also designed to classify information by aspects and also traits particular to design and classify semantic ontologies that organize web data etc.


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1.In what kind of project, we can use word net?

Projects deal with similarity search between words requires word net. It is like super thesaurus which can be used in projects deals with language processing. New algorithms can be developed to find distance (proximity) between two syn-sets. Based on this many projects can be taken.

2.Can we create our own word net?

Creating word net is little tedious but not impossible. We have experts developer who can guide you to create your own word net application.

3.It requires large dataset, will you provide?

We have extensive lab working separately on dataset collection and its management. We can provide you all sort of support.