PhD THESIS STRUCTURE is the most important aspect of a thesis. A thesis is an acquisition and dissemination of the knowledge we have gained. It must be worked with complete care. To give our thesis a complete attention, we must start with a correct structure. We cannot use any PhD thesis; it must have a standard format. So We have created our own standard structure benchmarking top ten universities in the world. Following any specific university standard is not our work procedure.


We follow international format in order to comply with all the university standards. Another important aspect of ourĀ PhD THESIS STRUCTURE is that, we do not follow any rigid structure. We offer our scholars customized support in order to satisfy their respective university standard.

A thesis must contain knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the field. Our thesis will reflect the significant work we have done. In general, a thesis is a final output of our research which is a written document. It is not a normal written document which can have any structure and follow any order. So It must have a specific format and structure which will have a complete flow of our work.


Every university follow different format, so that they can maintain their standard. Scholars must follow the structure and standard according to the university level. In order, to make our scholars feel relaxed, we have started our service. We will write the complete thesis for our scholar in accordance to their university format. So We follow one universal standard structure but change it according to the scholars need. Scholars can approach us with full confidence and can get their work.


Our aim towards this article is to make the scholar to understand the significance of thesis format. PhD is very important to get the final acceptance. We focus on this major aspect in order to make the scholars work to get the final nod easily.

Lets discuss about the fundamental format we use, which we will change as per your wish.
Our thesis consists of:

Title page and abstract
Table of content
Objective of research/Introduction
State of the Art/literature review
Hypothesis and prediction
Methods and designs
Current work and Preliminary results
Work plan and Implication
Significance and conclusion
Recommendations and acknowledgement
References and Appendices

We have mentioned above the overall structure that is the topic we cover in our thesis. According to the scholars need, we will customize and format our thesis again.

Title-page and Abstract:

The title page explains the overall content in short. In this title always decides our content as it is a precise notation for our overall content. It is the most important aspect of the thesis as first impression is the best impression. An abstract is the first written document which will be focused by everyone who ever is going to read your work. So, it should explain the complete work in one line with reflecting the importance of the work. A good abstract must be


Objective of the research:

Should explain the issue we are focusing
Should-reflect the significance of our work
Subject area undertaken should be studied

State of the Art/literature review:

It is the most extensive part of the research as it takes several months to study the complete literature background. Also, It may difficult for scholars as single person can not review all the papers and can have a broad knowledge. It is a significant part of thesis as it gives:

Solid knowledge about the field
Allow you to create an innovative and coherent work

Many scholars approach for assistance, due to the tedious work associated with literature review.

Hypothesis and prediction:

This step will be done in order to check the possibility of the work undertaken. It is used to solve all the issues that may have arise during the research.

Methods and designs:


Current work and preliminary results:

Outline of your work
Newfangled idea identified

Significance and conclusion:

Brief explanation of overall work done
Validation report along with result obtained

We will provide overall result in this section using:

Comparison results

References and Appendices:

It will include all the references, we have used in the entire thesis. This will be arranged according to the citation used. Appendices are used as additional documents to get reference of what we have used in the document early. It will give a clear idea about the concepts we have used.

Consequently it looks very easy to read all the above said content. But in reality, it is most tedious job to work on every aspect we have discussed above. To focus on every content and work on all, will take several months of time. Sometimes focusing on the content, scholars may forget to check the sequence and the structure of the thesis.

In order to reduce all the burden of scholars, we have started our service and provide the thesis with proper structure. Scholars have to just commit with us, other work we will do. We need only two requirements from the scholars i.e their research idea and university format. So We will give them finest thesis within the time period they have selected. We can assure scholars that we will work for them and they will get the best work from us.




1.Can I get only few chapters or I need to buy the entire thesis?

It is as per the need of individual scholars. If you need the entire journal, we can support or if you need any specific chapter, we can write that for you.

2.Do you follow any rigid format?

No, we do not follow any rigid format. Our thesis format is customized according to the scholars need and university standard.

3.What all you need to write our thesis?

We need your journal papers, conference papers and references you have used.