PhD in 3 Months may be a dream for few scholars. We have come to fulfill your dream of completing 3 Months. Many scholars may think, it possible to finish PhD Months. It is possible due to our full support for our scholars. We dont say part support; we are talking about complete support for PhD. Also We give complete package which is comprised of

Paper publication
Dissertation support
Full coding
Additional documents like synopsis, conference support etc

We are going to work in less time but we can assure you complete quality within the short period of time. Also We can achieve same quality level of those who work for 5 years in their research. We have more than 100 employees with more than 25 scholars among them working for us. To work within 3 months, we allot 5 scholars and 10 employees on for each student, to focus on complete quality.

We never compromise our standard and quality for anything.

We provide the entire above said package for our scholar within 3 months. Paper publication within 3 months is possible only if scholars choose the journal we suggest them. We dont compel scholars to select any journal; we are just stating the true fact. High impact factor journals like SCI need 3 months or more based on the reviewing time.

We will finish writing the complete paper in one week with our expert support, but reviewers of top journals need more time to review. It is not our fault; it is the turnaround time of each journal. So if you choose any random journal, we cannot assure its publication within 3 month. But we can complete the entire paper writing work within 3 months.

Choosing option like fast track, we allot additional members for your work and complete fast.

But paper publication time is the only problem for top journals like SCI. So we suggest our scholars to select journals like Scopus which takes the entire time period of 30 days and get published. Such journals require less time to review and we can give assurance of its publication within 3 months. This will be helpful for those who wish to complete their research in 3 Months. Along with journal publication support, we give complete dissertation according to your university format.

We have separate team for each work. Once you commit, we begin every work so that we can accomplish it in three months. Our dissertation writers are best and will give you fully customized dissertation. We also support additional documents if needed like synopsis, conference papers etc. We will support presentation help for conference papers.

In technical aspect, our fundamental is strong which makes us to give best implementation for our scholars. We are ready to work with any tool as per the scholar suggestion and implement the same within three months due to our updating skills. Scholars can feel free to approach us any time.

Are you ready to do PhD 3 Months?……………
Then we are ready to support you…………..

We support research in 3 months as we know; finishing a PhD in 3 months is not an easy task. It may take years to complete a PhD due to the increasing need of research. We know that great scientist, got their idea for research while travelling in bus or watching any movie. Getting motivation for research is easy but transforming your idea as research is a difficult task. Scholars cannot easily complete their research also in 3 months as each stage of research will take lot of time and effort.

Take an example of literature survey, how much time do you think you need?

You will take months for performing literature review as we need to follow certain procedure for reading top journal papers.

Check theoretical aspect of a paper
Note down the empirical research method
Reviewing the references of each journal
Finding the interpretation used
Getting idea about algorithms, drawbacks and also consequences

Scholars must focus on the above said aspects before reviewing a paper. Following all the steps prescribed for every paper is a tedious work which will take years for scholars to work.

Next is the research methodology, generally we can take qualitative or quantitative approach. But it has few issues like:

Time requirement and overall cost
Constraint on particular design
Finding the sample size and its approaching methodology

 We have discussed about only the two stages of a research, if the scholar will follow the above strategy, they will take years to complete research. We can complete your research work in 3 months as we have different teams for each stage and we employ additional staff for fast track completion. We suggest scholars to take their own research; we will assist them fully for their idea and implementation.

Motivation and innate interest towards the topic of research will lead to successful research. This is the reason why we emphasize our scholars to choose the topic of their research. Once they choose their topic, we will help them to accomplish their research in three months. Scholars can refer our sites for sample PhD works to know our standard and originality in thinking. We have confidence in our work due to our novel approach.

Our assurance for research within three months is a way to show our standard and quality. Scholars who want to stand out by doing a groundbreaking research can approach us anytime due to our 24/7 working time.



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1.How many papers can you publish in three months?

We can publish 5 papers maximum in 3 months.

2.In any journal, can you publish in 3 month?

We can publish in only fast acceptance journals in three months. As journals like SCI will take 3 month for review alone, so we suggest fast acceptance journal.

3.What all details I can get in three months?

We can give you 3 journal papers with journal acceptance, thesis and complete implementation within three months.