Thesis Maker, what you feel after hearing these words. We are eligible to call our self as Thesis-Maker, as we create makers of thesis-maker. When we can create makers of thesis makers, then why cant we create thesis. Each year we identify the most skillful writers and train them to write the thesis. We have experts and experienced person working with us to create thesis. Also, We have worked on at least 1000 thesis, which has made us expertise in this field.

We have our own standard and format which we have maintained as per the international standard. But our service is customized; we will provide our thesis structure as per the need of the scholar. We have a complete team of dedicated people working only to accomplish the needs of the scholar. Our name Thesis Maker indicates our dedication and service. We dont just write a thesis, we make the thesis with our full effort. Making is a word which has lot of meaning inside it. Making requires time, effort, passion and interest as only those who can wait for fruitful result with patience can make something. Scientist who have build great missile has made it with step by step effort. Similarly we start our work with the initial stage and work up to the last stage following each stage carefully.


Scholars may think, what can be stages to write a thesis. But we follow certain stages to write a complete thesis in order to have quality output. Each step, we work with complete care and dedication which makes us to stand as best forever. This is the reason we have said, we make a thesis.

From nurturing stage to the advanced stage, we make our thesis step by step. Lets discuss the step we follow:

Explore the topic
Setting up the time
Collect the resource
Analyze and augment your work
Work on the reference
Create-the thesis statement
Create a rough draft
Start writing
Re-write your work
Internal auditing
Plagiarism checking

Explore the topic:

This is the most important and prime stage to begin the thesis. A topic is not something you take as a title; it is the factor which is going to decide your research career. A topic must be selected with passion, interest and knowledge. Research is something to be done with joy. If we choose our topic correctly, our research can give us joy. So, we focus on the scholar’s interest and passion, and work upon it. We explore all the needed information related to the topic.

Setting up the time:

We need to have a rough calculation of time in order to finish our thesis on time with quality. We ask our scholars, their required time duration as time is an important factor.

Collect the resource:

This is an important stage, where we collect all the required information from different sources. We have different experts working on different aspect of a thesis. That is we collect the technical information from programmers, algorithms from mathematical experts and domain knowledge from specialist.

Analyze and augment your work :

We take up a specific concept and work upon it. In this stage, we analyze every concept we have taken, in order to check whether our work is correct or not. We take up all the issues and check using the concept of hypothesis.

Work on the reference:

For every thesis, a minimum of 300 references we will collect and analyze. We provide citation based on the reference we have used.
Create the thesis statement

We create thesis statement:
keeping three points in mind:

Clear and original
Supported by research
Introduce augment to support the claim

Create a rough draft and Start writing:

Initially, we create a rough draft to check our overall work. Based on it, our content writers will start the writing work.

Re-write your work and Formatting :

Focus of this stage is on the communication aspect of the thesis which is the decisive factor of the thesis. Language is the base of thesis which may be the prime reason for thesis rejection, so we give complete focus on this aspect of the thesis. Next, we work on the thesis structure and format which is based on the university format of the scholar.

Internal auditing and Plagiarism checking:

Quality is the most important aspect of thesis which we assure through internal auditing and plagiarism checking. We pass our thesis for multiple revisions by top experts and reviewers. After that, plagiarism tool will check our work before delivery. Due to all these internal works, we can assure you 100 percent quality work.

Points to ponder while thesis making:

Thesis is not a question, list or fact
Should not be vague and confrontational
Should-be definable and prove your work
Should be clear, specific and novel

All the above mentioned points must be taken into care while writing a thesis. Thesis is the final draft of what we have done. The person who is going to read your thesis does not know about your work. Your thesis is something which is going to explain what you have done in the research period. Every one of us from computer science background knows, what is networking but few will know each aspect of networking.

If someone is working on the Neighbor discovery protocol of IPv6, we need to study the concept from the beginning. Person who is going to read your thesis may be a master in your domain or may have basic concept. So, your thesis must be in such a way that everyone should understand it. It should start from the basic concept and should explain your work completely and clearly.

We focus on all the basic concept of the thesis and work on it. Also, We have mentioned the stages and points above not for reference, its our work and procedure. We do, what we say. Scholars, who feel that we can help them best, can commit with us at any stage and at anytime.


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1.What are the skill set of your thesis maker?

We decide skill set based on two things i.e education and experience.
Education (Minimum Phd/ Ms)
Experience (2 years minimum)+ Our experience

2.How can we communicate with our thesis makers?

Once you commit with us, we will allocate the team of thesis maker to you. We will provide all information about the thesis makers like mobile number, mail id, Skype Id, Whatsup number etc. You can contact with your respective thesis maker any time.

3.If suppose, thesis maker does not fulfill our requirement, what is your solution?

Our thesis maker will surely fulfill your complete requirement as our thesis maker will have at least 2 years experience. In this time period, they will work on various /MS thesis works. They would have written at least 1000 thesis before taking up your thesis. Such an experts will never do mistake, its our promise to you.