PhD Help is two simple words with great meaning in depth. In this world, can we ask help to someone without any cause .Even, if someone help us; they will have some expectation from us, then only they will extend their hands. But we have started our Phd without any expectation from the students with the only motive of Help for scholars.

Why we need help for doing Phd can be certain question by few scholars, but everyone needs help in doing research will be our suggestion. At one or another stage during the research, we need help of some institute or guide to continue our work. Why to wait or think any, we can provide you need Help in the best way. We are ready to help you in every stage during your research.

We use the word STAGE during research, but what this word actually signifies here and how we provide this is the ultimate query of many scholars. We can brief you our PHD HELP in the following stages of research. The first thing we need to understand before we start our Phd is Domain selection. If a scholar is interested in a particular domain and know well about it, we suggest scholar to opt their interested domain.

If the scholar is unaware about the domain, then we help them to select the best domain. Next, we focus on the Area recommendation which we suggest based on the journals published by high impact journals like SCI. We always suggest our students to focus on high impact factor journals, at the same time we refer all the papers published by high impact factor journals every month.

This makes us easy to recommend area which can be opted for research.

Literature Survey is the crucial stage during research which has to be focused with full care. OLD IS GOLD We heard this phrase many times, but you will understand its real meaning only after studying old papers and journals. Before taking up a research, you need to go through at least thousand of papers in your area from high impact factor journals.

Once you read all, you get one new idea for your research which can give you novel result. We study all the algorithms, techniques, methods and its pros & cons in detail to get a broad idea.

This is the reason, why we flourish in this domain. We do not read a journal for name sake, we read and update in such a way that we can conquer every aspect of the research. From our literature review, we collect all the existing works and get a new idea.

We refer at least 20 case studies for a thorough knowledge about the area. Our Problem Identification is based on the following factors:

Protocol needed
Dataset(2D or 3D)
Execution environment

Based on the above stages, we find a novel technique for research and guide our students to work on it. After finding the topic and idea for research, we prepare abstract for our scholars to submit it to their guide. We prepare abstract based on the novel idea, we have suggested which will reflect our originality.

Our abstract and synopsis will never get rejected and we can prove it with our past records. Next we focus on architectural Design which shows the diagrammatical view of our overall work. Pseudo code preparation is one of the difficult task but we do it with complete ease as our specialist with mathematical background can write a psuedocode and algorithm easily.

 Our data analyst will check for the necessary data needed for the research and provide you complete dataset. Tool selection is another major factor which decides the final output. Few tools have default module for few domains , we can use such tools for best output. Also We give our final implementation to our scholars through team viewer.

We can run the project in their system using latest technologies. Lap reports and logical verification is the next step where we check our implementation for logical correction. We also need to perform Mathematical proof checking to check the mathematical logic used in algorithms and calculations. We also focus on the final result, i.e we ask students to give their view and suggestion, how they need their result.

We can give result as graph, table, and charts or can also show comparison results.

Next most important step is document preparation; we give you rough draft initially to get your feedback. Proof verification is done to verify our work and we go plagiarism checking. Generally, if we think why the concept of plagiarism has come, it is due to the fact that literature survey has lot of evidence for research which many scholars utilize. Using the facts from literature survey is good, but using it completely is a bad approach. We use only few facts and take knowledge from previous journals but we do not use it completely. We can give you document with 100 percent plagiarism free as we believe in our originality.

Journal preparation is another important aspect during research. We work for high impact journals like


We can enumerate many names, as we work for all the journals. If you need to publish your paper in any journal bring it to us. We have a list of journals, contact us, we will email you, you can choose your journal which will best match your need, and we will help you to publish your paper in the respective journal.

We can also help you to prepare conference paper. Also We prepare your paper in such a way that, it will get selected in both national and international conference. We will also help in the preparation of Presentation for your paper presentation. Regarding Dissertation, you need not to get worry, as we will take its complete care. You just need to tell your format and requirement; we will give you fully customized dissertation. We also extend our hand during your Doctorate meeting and final viva voice. In short, we can say that we can help you during every stage of your research. Phd-Help is our only motto, for which we can take any level of risk as our final goal is students satisfaction.

Get Phd-Help!!! Shine With Us!!!


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1)You will provide complete package or can provide part support?

It is based on the scholars wish; we can provide part support or full support. You can go through all the stages, we have mentioned above and can select support for any stage or if you need complete support, we will provide.

2)In total how many members will work in my research work?

It is a complete team work; at every stage , the concerned expert will work. We have different specialists for every stage, so it is a complete team work.

3)What is your time duration and cost for PHD help?

It depends upon the following factors:
Total number of journal published
Journal Impact factor
Conference paper support (need or not)
Thesis pages
Based on the above factors, we decide the time and cost. Contact us with your work, we will suggest you optimum cost and time.