Write My Paper for Me is an innovative approach which has lead to new resolution among scholars. It is not a combination of words; its our promise to our scholars by us. Scholars can think, why we should write paper for you. It is a correct qualm.


Having qualm, before approaching for a research paper is good, But we have started our service as Write My Paper for Me to support scholars. Few scholars may be working in some colleges and doing part time research. Due to the work tension, they cannot concentrate on their research paper. Few scholars may have problem in language efficiency, few may be technically week. We have solution for all kinds of scholars.

We have both technical experts and language experts with us. Scholars who are technically strong but have problem in communication, can give their content to us, we will write their paper to the top journal level standard. Scholars who feel they cannot understand the technically part of their research can approach us. We will help them fully to understand their research. So We find the potential of every scholar and work according to them. We are here only to help our scholars and motivate them to publish more papers to become strong in their research area.

It Is our responsibility…………………..
Give your paper to us Make your responsibility…………………..

We write papers for scholars from different departments like computer science, Information technology, Electronics and communication, Electrical and electronics, networking and communication systems. According to the department, we choose the topic and journal. Scholars sometimes feel that few topics cannot be published in the journal. But there is separate journal for every subject area.

We need to find that journal and under that journal we need to publish our subject content accordingly. Due to the increase in the number of scholars in past years, number of journals has also increased. Finding journal according to our subject content is a difficult task, which we feel easy as we are aware of every journal publication and way to publish. We work for every department as we allocate separate experts for each department. Our experts scrutinize the subject content and match the journal according to the need of the scholar. Before we start writing the paper, we will create a mind map about the overall concept.

We will have a rough idea about the area in which we are going to work. Then we will scrutinize and summarize the overall concept of our work in our research paper. We never fix the first draft as final copy; we make it to go through number of revision to satisfy the requirement of the journal. This is the reason why our papers never get rejected and we stand as best always.

Write-My-Paper for Me:

It is not a simple task as everyone feels today. We dont only focus on paper writing, we focus on paper writing along with standard and overall acceptance of the paper. We support our scholars till the paper gets published. As more than writing a paper and giving the paper to the scholar, we feel that scholars must publish that paper in top journals.

Like others, we dont just write the paper and give our scholars.

We work with our scholar from the starting till the last. We start our support from the journal selection and support till it gets finally published. Foremost thing before we start writing the journal is the Turnaround time. It is the time period needed for submitting the paper till it gets fully published. Few scholars may need the paper publishing within 30 days, few scholars can wait till 3 months, it is the basic need of scholar.

If scholars need the paper immediately, we will give them recently developed papers, available with us. If they need to publish in high impact factor journals like ISI, SCI etc, they need to tell their need before hand as it takes 3 months to get published in such journals. It is based on scholars to choose the time period and topic. According to their subject and time period , we will suggest the journal. There is a long procedure from journal submission to publication.

After we write the paper, we will review it internally focusing on points like:
We have preferred the right journal
We have met all the requirement of the journal
Understand what reviewer might think and how we have fulfilled

After having a cross check over the journal requirement, we focus on technical content and language correction.

We use certain tools for language correction i.e.

Visual thesaurus
Word Neighbors

We use all these tools to have a cross check over our grammatical format. We send our paper for final submission.

There can be three chances for every paper after submission i.e.


We follow certain standard for every journal which gives us positive and supportive feedback. There may also chances, when paper can get rejected or reconsidered for modification. Scholars need not have to worry for it, as we have our experts in script writing who will analyze all the comments provided by the reviewers. If it is modification, script writers will analyze the comment and also modify and resend. In case of rejection, we will identify its real cause and also will work for it. We also assure our scholars for paper publication. We don’t write paper for them, we work to satisfy them until they get satisfied. Our support is seamless but you can also feel it when you will work with us.



1.Who all will be the responsible author for my paper?

You will the only author of your paper. We provide only back end support , we dont need our names on your paper.

2.Will you tell me concept or I need to choose the topic?

If you need support to choose the topic, we can support you. If you have your own concept and topic, we will write paper for you.

3.You write journal or conference paper?

We prepare journal paper which you can publish in journal and can also use for conference due to the quality level we maintain. Additional presentation support for conference, we can provide.