Writing your journal article in 12 weeks is not a phrase, it is our service. We quote article in 12-weeks but do you think it is an easy task or every one can promise you this. Also, We feel that 12 weeks is the maximum time to work on the journal. We need 12-weeks only for high impact journals like SCI. We will prepare the journal within 2 weeks, the time period of 12-weeks is the time it take to get reviewed by the journal reviewer. Also, We will always get positive comments and result for our journal publication due to our dedicated work on every journal, we publish.

We are always flexible to our students need. So We need very less time to prepare the complete paper with best quality. But the overall process of paper selection to the final review in SCI like journal is a long and tedious process.

We cannot compromise this time period as it is not in our hands. But we can assure you sure paper publication in top journals within the quoted time.

Writing your journal article in 12 weeks is not the only option for research scholars. You can also opt for less time. Few journals like Scopus need only 30 days for complete acceptance and publishing. Those who need to finish their Phd within limited time period can opt this option. There are certain journals which require very less time, we work on those journals also based on the need of the scholars. If the scholar is very much focused to publish their paper in top journals like SCI , then Writing your journal article in 12 weeks will the ultimate solution. So we allow scholars to choose the time period and journals according to their wish to fully satisfy them.

Writing article in 12-weeks:

How we allocate time for writing depends upon the need of the journal. We focus on every aspect of journal with equal importance as our ultimate goal is quality. Majority of our time, we spend on problem identification as it is the sole of the journal. We allocate standard time for each journal to produce a quality work.

Also, We split these 12 weeks according to our work strategy i.e first 4 weeks we dedicate towards:

Domain and topic identification
Problem Identification
Literature survey
Overall proposal and architectural diagram

The most important work performed during research is Domain and topic identification. Few scholars may have knowledge about the domain. Or few scholars may have passion towards certain domain. We help scholars in every way to choose their domain of Interest. Situation can be there, when scholars have no idea about the domain. We are ready to help even scholars who dont know ABC about research. We continuously update our self with top journals, so its easy for us to choose a domain and topic. Based on our, skills and updated knowledge, we find it easy to find problem in any domain and its corresponding solution.

Literature survey is a part of our work, where we read all the papers published by high impact factor journals like SCI. After scholars get committed to a particular topic, we read all the associated previous paper in order to get a broad idea. After getting idea, we propose a new approach and represent it diagrammatically for better understanding of the scholar.

Next one week we work on

 Algorithm writing
 Pseudo code development
 Mathematical derivations

For all the above three work, we have separate team of experts who have strong mathematical background. We focus on quality at every stage which is the reason for our constant growth and standard. Another one week we spend on programming part. We analyze the code part to better understand the output and its real world behavior. Next 4 weeks we prepare complete journal.

We focus on journal writing and formatting. After finishing the journal writing, the major work we accomplish in the next one week is Plagiarism checking and Proof reading. The basic need of a journal is to be plagiarism free. We use special softwares to check our work. Also,We assure 100 percent plagiarism free as we cross check our work with top experts. We provide proof reading on certain aspects like

Layout and other elements of designs are checked
Error, punctuation, spelling and grammar checking
Word break, page break , header and footer check
Whether it reflect appropriate academic standards
Check the clarity of idea and work
Overall format checking

These are part of checking we perform. Each journal have different standard and we need to work according to that journal format. We provide complete standard to our journal as we always expect positive result. The last step towards our journal publication is language correction.

Our communication writers will rewrite the complete content in order to satisfy the need of top journals.

We compete with international standards, so our language should be our first preference. We allocate last one week fully towards the communication part. This strategy is applicable only for top journals like SCI. If you opt fast track journals, we will change our strategy. As we follow the above stated format, we survive as best among all the competitors. We are ready to compete with anybody due to our standard and procedure we follow.


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1.For every journal, do you need 12 weeks time?

No, we dont need 12 weeks for every journal; it depends upon the journal type. Below we are enumerating journal type with its time duration:
SCI journal- 12 weeks
ISI- 8 weeks
Scopus-4 weeks

2.If we need very urgent, is there any possibility to publish a paper in high impact factor journal in less than 12 weeks?

Yes, we have solution for all your problems. If you choose fast track option, we will allocate more people to finish your journal soon and publish in less time.

3. You suggest free journals or pay journals?

Our journal papers show our quality, we prepare journal in such a way that you can publish it in free journals. Publishing in free journals takes time, if you want to publish fast, then we advice pay journal is best.