PHD PROJECTS IN SCILAB is a vast area for research, pursuing research in this area is become more prevalent. SCILAB is open source software for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications. It also includes hundreds of mathematical functions and has high level programming language allowing access to advanced data structures, 2-D and 3-D graphical solutions. Also, It uses matrix-based computation, dynamic typing, and also automatic memory management which can taken as its added advantage.

Many complex numerical problems can also expressed in a reduced number of code lines using scilab. It is used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image analysis and also enhancement, fluid dynamics and numerical optimization and modelling.


In this SCILAB also includes a free package called XCOS for modelling and simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems. It is also an open source tool equivalent to Simulink from the Math Works.

Few PHD projects in SCILAB are also user documentation, Symbolic range analysis of pointers etc. We also have provide many phd in SCI-LAB above for scholars to get a broad idea about the tool. It is also new tool which is attracting many researchers due to its features. Scholars can also choose any project; we will also support them with all necessary documents and also softwares.


Problems in Computer vision and also Pattern recognition
Medical image retrieval
3D volumetric filtering
Preprocessing issues on microscopic volumetric data
Pattern Classification
Human Computer Interaction
Optimization in image analysis and also computer vision
Homological Image Processing
Neural Network problems
Weighted gradient domain image processing problems
Real-time detection and also classification of object
Geospatial Object Detection
Issues on Digital image processing
Research on pattern matching
Issues on signal processing


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1.When we use scilab tool?

When we need to perform operations like signal processing, mathematical operations, statistical analysis etc, we use scilab.

2.Is it open source software?

Yes it is open source software with GPL compatibility.

3.Suggest OS for scilab?

We can use GNU/linux, Mac OS X , and windows XP/vista /7/8.