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   ACM Journals Paper Writing Guidance is our dedicated service started to provide standard and quality for scholars/students research papers from worldwide. We provide expert immense paper writing and publication services that are help for several of scholars/students. Our expertise technology have 18+ years of experienced domain experts in all fields from various departments like IT, CSE, ECE, EEE, but not limited in research areas.

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Writing guidelines of our ACM-papers like,
  • Stage-1 – View some sample articles from ACM
  • Stage 2 – Search article format (words, tables, figure, also font size, etc.)
  • Stage-3 – Write research paper also by sections
  • Stage 4 – Discuss original outcome also based on qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Stage-5 – Using ACM style format also to frame the article

How to write ACM research paper in a high quality?

  ACM Journals follows different ways also to write a research article which depends on the scholars subject matters.  Mostly our research paper contains,

  • Major contributions
  • Background theory
  • Research problem/research questions
  • Objective
  • Conceptual framework
  • Data collection
  • Results, findings & discussions
  • Limitations of previous research
  • Qualitative and also quantitative analysis
  • Future research also with recommendations


Step-1: Topic Selection – Picking a suitable research topic

Step 2: Abstract – Preparing/formulating an outline

Step-3: Introduction – Writing an exact introduction

Step 4: Literature Review

Step-5: Problem Identification/Solution also for Paper Writing

Step 6: Innovative Concept Idealization

Step-7: Appropriate Conclusion

Step 8: Proper References

Step-9: Peer Review ACM Publication

Step 10: Revision/Reconsideration

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  • Editing
  • Paper Planning
  • Formatting
  • And also in Submission

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