CBR in NS2 is one of the most important factors which scholars must know. You may think that why we have emphasized so much about CBR in Ns2, it is simple to answer. It plays a vital role in terms of Network traffic and quality of service. CBR [Constant bit rate] is mainly used in networking streaming applications as content can be transferred through limited channel capacity.NS2 is one of the major simulator used today for networking applications. But how many of us have studied about NS2 completely, remains a challenging question. Our developers and experts have learnt about NS2 completely, which has made us to come up with one major significant concept of Ns2 i.e. CBR in NS2. We focus on every concept of NS2 to its depth, to utilize our expertise for the benefit of budding scholars. We feel that if we work on every minute concept of NS2, we will be able to provide effective results for your complex solutions. Let’s see few highlights about CBR in NS2.


  • CBR provides low latency traffic with predictable delivery characteristics for telephony and native voice applications
  • Offer support for timing sensitive traffic
  • Provides QOS guarantee
  • It utilizes the full capacity of channel to provide high quality service


    Constant bit rate [CBR] in Ns2 is used along with TCP and UDP to design the traffic source behavior of packets. Traffic modeling is one of the major parameter in Ns2, which uses CBR along with transport protocols. Let’s know the configuration and software requirement of Ns2, which must support the proper working of CBR in Ns2.

Programming Languages Used:

  • C++[.cc,.h,.tcl]-Used to implement design
  • OTCL[Object oriented tool command language]-Used to initiate event scheduler

Software Requirement:

  • Latest version[ns-2.35]
  • Platform support[Unix, Linux, SunOS, FreeBSD, Windows]


Algorithms Used:

  • Optimal smoothing work ahead algorithm
  • 3RCBR[Renegotiated Constant Bit Rate]
  • Heuristic algorithm

Bandwidth allocation scheduling algorithms:

  • Weighted Round Robin scheduling
  • Channel State Dependent packet scheduling algorithm
  • Channel condition Independent packet fair Queue
  • Sever based fair Approach
  • Weighted fair Queuing
  • Improved Channel state dependent packet scheduling
  • Integrated cross-layer scheduling
  • Packet fair scheduling
  • Cross layer scheduling algorithm based on genetic algorithm
  • TCP aware Uplink scheduling

Rate Adaption algorithm:

  • Adaptive Auto rate fallback R.A. Algorithm
  • Robust rate adaptation algorithm plus
  • Adaptive Multi Rate retry algorithm
  • CARA Rate Increase algorithm
  • Optimal Rate adaptation algorithm
  • COMP Rate adaption algorithm
  • Collision hidden detection algorithm
  • Semi Open Loop rate adaptation algorithm
  • Carrier aggregation algorithm

VoIP Bandwidth Optimization[compression codecs]:

  • Compressed Real time transport protocol compression
  • CRTP/ROCCO UDP Lite Integration
  • Robust header Compression[RoHC]
  • Robust checksum based header compression



  • Supports real time applications such as streaming video
  • Used in video conferencing, telephonic services such as interactive voice and audio
  • Used in MP3 files[It uses one bit rate for its entire file-Constant bit rate encoding]
  • Used in all the telecommunication systems
  • Used in traffic modeling


  • QOS oriented data link control
  • Power consumption analysis for constant bit rate videos
  • Analyzing traffic management and congestion control in ATM networks
  • MPEG4 Audio Compression and transmission
  • Voice over Internet protocol
  • Attack prevention using Ingress filtering techniques
  • Ensuring QOS in wireless networks
  • Intelligent speech and audio processing
  • Network traffic monitoring using efficient and scalable tools



     You may feel why we have written one whole article for CBR in NS2. There is a famous saying that each drop of water can make an ocean. Similarly, learning each concept of Ns2 will make you an expert of Ns2. This shows our dedication and importance we give to every minute concept of Ns2. When we focus so much about Ns2 concepts, you can think that how much we will be dedicated towards your projects, assignments and research work in Ns2.We have showed our expertise through this article. Taking a significant concept of Ns2 and working on it, reflects our vast experience and knowledge. Our only focus is in-depth research and comprehensive knowledge. Even if we take a simple tool, we learn every concept about it to say us an expert of that respective tool. This makes us stand high in the midst of other top institutes. You can have our guidance through online regarding any concepts or projects in Ns2.