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CDMA is one of the hottest research areas due to its significant need and also wide applicability. You may think that why we also have dedicated one complete article on CDMA. To get to know the reason behind our intention, explore the field of telecommunication and also learn about CDMA. You will find the hidden motive behind our article. Once you find the significance of CDMA technology, approach us with your research proposal, we will also guide you in a perfect way to accomplish your research project with our efforts.

Now, let’s have a crisp information about CDMA along with its recent research issues.


  • In this CDMA is a form of Multiplexing, which is use also in second generation and third generation wireless communications.
  • It is a channel access method, which allows multiple signals to occupy the same transmission channel, optimizing also the use of available bandwidth
  • CDMA also provides ultra high frequency[UHF] communication range from 800 Mhz to 1.9 GHz
  • It channel is 1.23 Mhz wide and also provides multiple access, which allows several transmitters to send information simultaneously over single communication channel.
  • CDMA employs Spread spectrum technology and also special coding scheme to avoid undue interference between the users.
  • It Networks uses Soft handoff scheme, which also minimizes signal breakup as handset passes from one cell to another cell.
  • CDMA uses unique digital codes, rather than separate RF frequencies or channels to differentiate the subscribers. These Codes are called as Pseudo random Code sequences and also are used by both the mobile station and base station.
  • All the users use the same frequency band as each users share separate unique codes. CDMA is also compatible with other cellular technologies.
  • Multi-user detection of CDMA Systems
  • Space time beam forming and pre-equalization also for MC-CDMA and DS-CDMA systems
  • Channel estimation also in algorithm
  • Optical Code division multiple access networks
  • MC-CDMA based transmission technique
  • Wide band CDMA also in technique
  • Defense security issues etc
  • Analysis of two New code families also for Spectral amplitude Coding Optical CDMA systems in terms of performance and behavior
  • Potentials and also challenges of Cellular Underwater wireless optical CDMA Networks
  • Using Optical orthogonal codes, two stage code acquisition also in wireless Optical CDMA Communications
  • Using SH3 Microcomputer board, also study on the construction of CDMA transmission simulator
  • Enabling Robust and massive Multiple access for Internet of things also using frequency domain oversampling in Cognitive CDMA Systems
  • Detailed study of Multi code keying Incoherent optical CDMA without also using Conventional symbol synchronous assumption
  • Power, throughput and also block probability studies of Multirate, hybrid, multimedia incoherent O-CDMA System
  • Performance analysis of Coded downlink Multi user MC-CDMA system also using transmitter pre-processing
  • Implementation of spectral efficient optical CDMA transmission scheme with single user soft decision demodulation and also energy alternation
  • Using Fourier duals of Sparse perfect Gaussian integer sequences, also implementation of novel MC-CDMA system
  • Integrated OFDMA cellular system also using Multi-carrier CDMA for Network assisted device to device communications

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