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  • NS3 simulation and development support

           1.Major features of Ns3 which makes it best for research:

  • Open simulation environment for the development of Networking research projects.

  • Used for

  • Analytical Analysis for mathematical analysis and system modeling

  • Simulation of Networking concepts

  • Emulator-Real time Simulation

  • Written from Scratch using C++ and Python binding

  • Scalability and cross layer features

  • Provide reuse of Kernel codes and real applications

    2.Development in NS3:

  • Language support: C++ and python

  • Ns3 with other development tools: Matlab, Eclipse,Netbeans,QT creater etc

  • Work on Socket programming

  • Building tool (WAF)

  • Work on Ns3 tracing files(ASCII tracing, PCAP tracing)

    Key objects in NS3:



               Net device and channel

               Topology helper

                    Work on all the Modules, Namespace, Class and files

    Major Module support:

  • IPv6 packet compression using 6LoWPAN

  • Bridge Network device and BRITE topology generator

  • AODV routing, DSDV routing and DSR routing

  • CSMA Networking device

  • Energy Models in Ns3

  • Internet applications

  • File Descriptor network device

  • Core functionalities like configuration etc

  • LR WPAN Models

  • LTE Models(FF Mac scheduler)

  • Mesh devices and Mobility support(Network, Nix vector routing, Network animator, Open flow switch device, OLSR routing, Point to point Network device, RIP)

  • Propagation Models

  • Spectrum Models

  • UAN Models and Utils

  • Virtual device and visualizer

  • Wifi and Wi-Max Models

  • Plotting tools like GNUplot and gpwrapper

  • Work on Wireshark and tcpdump to view Output PCAP files

    Major Concepts used in Ns3 simulation:

  • Support for IP and Non IP based network simulation

  • Protocol support (Support for IPv4 and IPv6, Static routing, MANET (AODV, OLSR, DSDV,DSR etc), Socket(API, On/off applications),TCP, UDP,TCP stack emulation(Linux, BSD),IEEE 802.11 and its variant, IEEE 802 physical layer and Rayleigh fading channel)

  • Mobility Models like 3D Gauss Markov

  • Performance analysis(based on time and memory)

  • Routing(List routing, Global routing, Adhoc routing, Nix vector routing)

  • Flow models(Packet delay, Tx bit rate and Rx bit rate , Loss ratio)-Mainly for TCP and UDP

  • Application layer(FTP, Telnet and HTTP)

  • Transport layer protocols like TCP, UDP, RTC, XCP,RTCP etc

    NS3 Interfacing support:

  • NS3 with Wincap and Jcap

  • Ns3 with Mininet

  • Ns3 distributed simulation (Using MPI)

  • NS-3 based Named Data Networking (NDN) simulator

  • NS3 with LTE Simulator

  • NS3 and Nanoscale simulations

  • Used for Nanoscale communication with advanced biomedical applications

  • Simulation of Ns3 with real world (Emulator)

  • Example simulation(Packet transmission to real network device or Ns3 can act as interconnection framework for virtual devices)

  • Virtualization (Full virtualization, Para virtualization, combined approach, ns3 tap bridge mechanism )

  • Testbed integration using ORBIT(Used to drive real hardware’s)

  • Integration with Signal propagation Emulation(Like Ns3 on CMU wireless emulator)

  • POSIX Emulation

    Ns3 Installation support for various platforms:

  • Latest release- ns-3.25 (New traffic control framework, Up gradation in Wi-fi and internet Module )

  • Platform support:

  • Linux (gcc versions 4.2 to 4.8)

  • MAC OS X intel(clang-500.2.79 and LLVM 3.3 svn-OS X Mavericks an d Xcode 5.0.1, gcc-4.2)

  • FreeBSD(clang version 3.3 and gcc version 4.2)

  • Windows(cygwin 1.7)

  • Ns3 installation using

  • BAKE

  • Manual installation using Mercurial and Tarball

    Major research areas for Ns3:

  • Satellite Networking

  • Mobile Adhoc Networks

  • LTE simulation

  • Wired Networks(Protocol support)

  • Wi-fi and Wi-Max Modeling

  • Worm Model

  • Vehicular communication Network

  • Wireless sensor Networks

  • Wireless Mesh Networks

  • Mobile Networks

Additional support using:

  • Direct code Execution

  • Bonnmotion(Mobility pattern generator)

  • TraceMetrics(Trace file analyzer)

  • Netanim(offline Animator)

  • Pybindgen(Tool to generate- python binding C and C++ code )

  • PyViz(Live simulation visualizer)

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