PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN MOBILE APPLICATIONS is a new area for research due to its widespread usage. Every one of us knows about mobile application as everyone has a mobile with them. Number of mobile phone can be easily calculated by knowing the population of country as each one is having mobile with them. Kids have mobile phones to play while old people hear songs.

Hence it has wide range of usage which makes it hot topic for research. A mobile application is a software application developed specificall y for use on small, wireless computing devices such as Smart phones and tablet, rather than desktop or laptop computers.


The current PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN MOBILE APPLICATIONS includes mobile technology and also resident attitude research: also it helps for better understanding resident attitude towards tourism. It also proposes the new research opportunities by tracking the GPS locations during data collection. Other recent trends in mobile applications can also annotated as Mobile applications also for science learning, Investigation of the use of thermographs research and clinical applications.


Mobile applications are also used in extensively public welfare agencies such as police, fire safety, and ambulance services. Electronic bills enable consumers to receive and also pay their bills using a phone by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Automobile manufacturers have also introduced GPS-based navigation in cars, with a four-inch monitor asking travellers their destination, displaying a colour map of the area etc. Like this we can also take many areas where mobile application has its impact. Scholars can also work on any of this field with our complete guidance.


Adaptive Web based Systems
Multi-Modal & also Multi Touch interaction
Virtual reality
Software Variability
Flurry of Launches or Smartphone space
GSMA embarks also on LTE interconnection standards
Mobile Sensor Network
Environmental Monitoring
Traffic Accident Detection System
Security Issues
Data & also Functionality Migration


1)Altova-Altova MobileTogether(32 and also 64 bit)
2)Android-(Eclipse,also Android Studio)
3)BlackBerry-(Eclipse, also BlackBerry JDE)
4)Corona SDK-(Xcode)
5)Intel XDK-( IntelliJ IDEA)
6)IOS SDK-(Embarcadero Delphi )
7)Java ME-(Eclipse,also NetBeans)
8)Flash Lite(Adope Flash)
9)Mono for Android-(Visual Studio 2005 and also above)
10)MonoTouch-(Visual Studio 2005 and also above)


Altova–> use standardized XQuery/XPath to design the user interface and also functional programming

Android–> Open source framework also used to develop mobile applications.

BlackBerry–> wireless handheld devices and also services fuction as Web-browsing, email messaging, instant messaging etc

Corona SDK–>Used to build mobile applications also for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Intel XDK–> development kit used to develop native apps also for mobile phones and tablets.

IOS SDK–> mobile operating system used to simulate the look and also feel of the iPhone.

Java ME–> Designed for mobile phones which includes a GUI, and also a data storage API, and MIDP 2.0 includes a basic 2D gaming API.

Flash Lite–> lightweight version of Adobe Flash Player also used to view Flash content.

Mono for Android–>develops Android applications also using Mono.

MonoTouch–> .NET Development framework also used to write applications using C# with .NET platform that run on iPhone

RubyMotion–> implemented in Ruby programming language also that runs on iOS, OS X and Android.


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  • Altova
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Corona SDK
  • Intel XDK
  • Java ME
  • Macromedia Flash Lite
  • Mono for Android
  • MonoTouch
  • RubyMotion