PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN MOBILE COMPUTING is an eternal and also treasured area of research. Contrivances of mobile computing are also ruling the modern era with its portable computers like mobile phones, laptops, smart cards etc. Mobile computing allows transmission of data, voice and also video through computer or any other wireless enabled device without having to also connect to a fixed physical link.

Everything we also exploit today is an upshot of mobile technology. Scholars can also work on this domain by taking any mobile computing given underneath. It can also give a astonishing chance for those who wants to be on their feet also to make new ground in the field of research.


Contemporary PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN MOBILE COMPUTING includes Collaborative Data Access in Wireless P2P Networks, Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Controllable Node Mobility also for Mission-Oriented Sensor Networks, ARSENAL: A Cross Layer Architecture also for Secure and Resilient Tactical Mobile ad hoc Networks, A Framework for Defending against Node Compromises also in Distributed Sensor Networks, Security and Privacy support also for data centric sensor networks.

Mobile informatics, sub-domain of mobile computing is on the peak with the general focus on IT to develop many new applications. BARWAN project is also an outcome of heterogeneous mobile computing is also focus on enabling useful mobile networking across a wide range of mobile networks. Scholars can also contact us for any updates regarding this domain. We are also ready to work with them even if they dont know the nitty-gritty also about the domain, as we can also make them master of this domain.


Support for data and also functionality migration
End to end Qos
Protocol design also based on location information
Adaptive protocols
Security issues
Designing authentication protocol
Third generation networks
Automatic Identification and Data Capture – also Mobile & Wireless RFID
To support high-speed access and also increase capacity
Wireless e-business applications etc.


4)Corona SDK
5)Intel XDK
7)Java ME
8)Firefox OS Simulator
9)Mono also for Android
12).Net Framework


Altova–> use standardized XQuery/XPath to design the user interface and also functional programming

Android–> Open source framework also used to develop mobile applications.

BlackBerry–> wireless handheld devices and also services fuction as Web-browsing, email messaging, instant messaging etc

Corona SDK–>Used to build mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and also Android devices.

Intel XDK–> development kit also used to develop native apps for mobile phones and tablets.

IOS SDK–> mobile operating system also used to simulate the look and feel of the iPhone.

Java ME–> Designed for mobile phones which includes a GUI, and also a data storage API, and MIDP 2.0 includes a basic 2D gaming API.

Flash Lite–> lightweight version of Adobe Flash Player also used to view Flash content.

Mono for Android–>develops Android applications also using Mono.

MonoTouch–> .NET Development framework also used to write applications using C# with .NET platform that run on iPhone

RubyMotion–> implemented in Ruby programming language that also runs on iOS, OS X and Android.

Firefox OS Simulator–> higher version of Firefox OS which simulates Firefox OS device but runs also on the desktop.

.NET Framework–> Comes in two versions also for mobile or embedded device use


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1.Can you implement recent protocols in mobile computing which we will bring?

We will definitely work on the protocol which you will bring. We have top experts working with us who constantly update themselves with recent protocols and algorithms in mobile computing. So, it is not a major task for us to implement a new protocol for you.

2.Can you suggest solution for insufficient bandwidth?

There are many projects based on such issues, for which we have advanced solutions.

3.Can you work with advanced mobile versions?

Mobile version get changed frequently, as of now we have version 4.6 and it will soon get advanced. We require constant update of the recent trends, for which we have employed separate team of specialists.


  •  Altova
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Corona SDK
  • Intel XDK
  • Java ME
  • Firefox OS Simulator
  • Mono for Android
  • MonoTouch
  • RubyMotion
  • .Net Framework