Cloud Computing Project Topics reflects our creative minds and ingenious work, which makes your project innovative and ground breaking. Our Cloud Computing Project Topics are mined with the help of top experts and professionals. Our dynamic environment, where our technocrats and developers mingle together to provide best solutions for students act as a perfect research platform. Cloud has its own significance due to its emerging technologies like Amazon web services, Open stack, Azure etc. We have experts working on all recent tools and technologies of Cloud to create a new revolution in the field of Cloud research. Join our team of experts, to upgrade your knowledge and make your work appreciable.


   Cloud Computing Project Topics presents a wide collection of innovative and newfangled ideas to enlighten your project. Generally students go for static topics, but taking such usual topic will not afford you the grade you expect. We feel that every topic must be mined according to the scholar’s interest and passion. Our topic selection stage includes: identity domain, in depth research of related papers [Literature survey] from top journals, mining most innovative and interesting concept. Such innovative concepts will surely provide you a successful research. If we start correctly, we will end up perfectly, it is better to approach our experts to mine ideas for your research work. We have highlighted few concepts and simulation tools below, for students to get an idea for their Cloud project.

Cloud Computing:

   Cloud computing is a model which enables on demand network access of shared pool of computing resources like server, storage, service and applications with minimum effort.

Cloud Computing Modules:

  • Cloud Computing Stack
  • Software as Service
  • Platform as Service
  • Infrastructure as Service

How to take up a best Cloud computing project topic:

We always feel that scholars must work based on their own skills and interest. It will surely lead to a successful research work. Let’s have a glance over few major areas in Cloud based on your expertise:

  • Work on Power optimization, cloud cryptography , energy optimization and cloud security[If you have strong mathematical background]
  • Work with Scheduling, load balancing and trusted architectures[strong in algorithm design]

Simulation in Cloud computing:

Simulation can be preferred for: 

  • Large scale cloud datacenter applications
  • Energy aware computational resource simulation
  • Green cloud and federated cloud
  • Dynamic insertion of simulation elements
  • Data centre network topologies and message passing applications
  • Virtualized Server host simulation with customizable policies to provision host resources to virtual machines.
  • User defined policies to allocate hosts to virtual machines.

Common Cloud Simulator:


  • Latest version[CloudSim 4.0]
  • Supports modeling and simulation of cloud computing infrastructures and services.

Related Plugins and project details:

  • CloudSimEx
  • iFogSim
  • CloudSim Automation
  • RealCloudSim
  • CloudReports
  • CloudAuction
  • CloudAnalyst
  • CloudMIG Xpress
  • Cloud2Sim
  • WorkflowSim          

Green Cloud Simulator:

  • Latest version – Greencloud –v2.2
  • Extension of Ns2 simulator
  • Packet level simulator for energy aware cloud datacenters
  • Provide novel solution for resource allocation, monitoring, optimization and work scheduling.


  • Current version-1.1[needs OMNET++ 4.6 and INET 2.5]
  • Works on Linux ubuntu 14.04 and MAC OS Mavericks
  • Used to simulate cloud computing system and predicts the tradeoff between performance and cost for given set of applications.


     You can take a simulation project or real time cloud project as per your field of interest. We have emphasized on Cloud Simulator as it is one of cost effective way to give effective Cloud results. We also provide support for real time cloud applications as per the students wish. We have provided few more topics below, for students to get an idea about Cloud computing project topics.

  • Encryption of Artificial Bandwidth Extension Algorithm for Multi-cast Conferencing in Cloud Computing Environment.
  • Privacy and Efficient Preserving Outsourced Calculation of Rational Numbers in Cloud computing
  • Software Defined Sensor Networks based Adaptive Barrier Coverage in Cloud Computing
  • Performance evaluation and comparison of Private Cloud Computing Systems
  • An Energy aware scheme for Clusters of servers for Web applications in cloud computing
  • Worst Month Tropospheric Attenuation Prediction Approach in Cloud Computing
  • An Effective Authentication Infrastructure in Open Maritime Cloud using Cloud Computing.
  • Security: IoT based Cloud Assisted SCADA Systems in Cloud Environment
  • Geo Distributed Data Centers based Exploiting Spatio Temporal Diversity for Water Saving
  • UCIE: User Centric Interference Estimation Technique for Cloud Applications
  • Parallel- Execution of Space -Aware -Applications in Cloud Computing Environment
  • PON AWGR based Data Center Architecture for Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing
  • An Effective Modeling and performance analysis approach for IaaS Data Center under Heterogeneous Workload.
  • Trust Model Specification for Academic Cloud Services in Cloud Computing
  • Reversible Data Hiding Approach for Encrypted Images based on Progressive Recovery in Cloud Computing