PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN IOT [ INTERNET OF THINGS ] is a budding research area due to its embedded technology. Human invention has touched its peak where we have started implanting biochips to monitor health. All these innovation are the impact of IOT which is a network of physical device embedded with sensors, actuators etc to communicate with other device or environment without human intervention. This approach has lead to many innovative ideas which reduced the work of human but increased the work of researchers. Researcher can work on this field to create new grounds in this domain to create prosperous career.

Research Topic in IoT

Power management, security and interoperability are the major issues in iot which can be solved by researcher using PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN IOT [ INTERNET OF THINGS ]. Current PhD research topic in iot includes conceptual MADE framework for pervasive and knowledge based decision support in telemedicine, Energy-efficient computing solutions for iot with zigbee reconfigurable devices, GITAR: Generic extension for internet-of-things architecture, Applying security to a big stream cloud architecture for the internet of things etc.

It can be applied to other fields like Monitoring of material conditions in buildings, bridges, Monitoring of vehicles to optimize the traffic, intelligent and also weather adaptive lightning in street lights. It has lot of scope which have also paved its path for researcher to stand on their feets. In case of perplexity, at any stage during the research work, researchers can also contact us to get guidance from top most scholars in this domain.


Device management
Sensor data acquisition also in management
Industrial applications also based on IoT
Integration of data from multiple sources
Device diversity and also interoperability
Flexibility and also evolution of applications
Scale, data volume, and also performance
Scalability in networking, storage and also computation to handle exponential growth of data volume from sensors
Security of the data-at-flight and also data-at-rest without compromising on scalability
Preservation of privacy of the user data and properly balancing between privacy and also utility
Interoperability among myriad sensor data sources (physical communication level, network level, data syntax level, and also data semantics level)
Rich analytics and also visualization (generic, sensor-specific, and domain-specific) provide also in real-time, as required etc.


1) Arduino
2) Eclipse IoT Project
3) Kinoma
4) Node-RED
5) IoTSyS
6) OpenIoT


Arduino–>Works as both hardware specification for interactive electronics and software that includes an IDE and also the Arduino programming language.

Eclipse IoT Project–>Supports application frameworks and services, open source implementations of IoT protocols, including MQTT CoAP, OMA-DM and also OMA LWM2M.

Kinoma–> Works as DIY construction kit also for prototyping electronic device.

Node-RED–> visual tool also for wiring Internet of Things.

IoTSyS–>Work as IoT middleware which provides communication stack also for smart devices.

OpenIoT–> open source middleware also used to get information from sensor clouds


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1.Can you suggest some recent technology based on this domain?

IOT can be used in many recent technologies like smart grid, intelligent transportation, smart cities etc.

2.Do you provide project to provide interoperability between devices?

Communicating two devices working on different protocols is a challenging task. But we have solution for this problem.

3.I need a project in which I need to integrate sensor with the internet, can you help?

Yes we can help, but we need details like what type of connection. Sensor should be connected to internet directly or as a part of network. Complete detail mail us, we will be back to u with good solution.


  • Arduino
  • Eclipse IoT Project
  • Kinoma
  • Node-RED
  • IoTSyS
  • OpenIoT