Wireless Communication Projects

       Wireless Communication Projects give golden opportunity for research professoriates and students to enrich their eligibility and expertise for the purpose of enter into challengeable research environment during their upcoming professional journey. Our professionals as an effective and ultimate knowledge provider who provide effective guideline for scholars to create attentiveness about wireless communication research & development with the scope of reduce their deficiency in their future research on wireless communication.

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      Wireless Communication Projects offer handsome research environment which is launched for the scope of provide leading-edge wireless communication project topics for predominance of students and research philosophers with the help of our experts guidelines. On these days, we serve 10000+ students and research scholars by our mind-blowing project implementation training and support with an inventive and also pioneering research notion. Owing to this, abundance of scholars come and joins with us every day.

Future Trends in Wireless-Communication:
  • 5G networks safely off the hype curve
  • Driverless everything
  • Li-Fi lights the way
  • Molecular communication smells good
  • Wireless energy transfer
  • Smart Speaker (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)
  • Mi-Fi
  • Wireless networks proliferation
  • Software radio technologies (tunable front-ends, programmable radios)
  • Telepresence and convergence
  • Instant messaging
  • Tracking technologies
Recent Research Areas in Wireless-Communication:
  • Information Centric Networks
  • Software Defined Wireless Networks
  • Smart Hierarchical Wireless Communication
  • Smart-Grid Networks
  • Vehicular Communications
  • Vehicular-AD Hoc Networks
  • M2M communication also in IoT
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Radio Communication Service
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
  • Wireless-Public Key Infrastructure
Research Issues in Wireless-Communication:
  • Connectivity and also Quality
  • Bandwidth Limitations
  • Location Dependency and also Transparency
  • Harsh Communications Environment
  • Security concerns
  • Mobility and also Portability
Development Tools and Software:
  • Visual System Simulator: System level simulation technology also for radar wireless communication system designs
  • Matlab: Programming paradigm that also used to design wireless communication systems
  • WirelessInSIte: Ray tracing model suite and high fidelity EM solvers for the site specific analysis and wireless communication systems
  • Simte13: Wireless communication based product family or interactive technology learning platform
  • EM Slice: Simulator for electromagnetic radiation systems simulation including optical systems and wireless communication networks
  • LENA: Open source simulator also for simulating LTE networks
  • VSimRTI: V2X simulation infrastructure that used in vehicular ad hoc networks
  • OMNEST: Simulator also for simulating various communication networks like wired and wireless networks
  • Prowler: Probabilistic Wireless Network Simulator running under Matlab.
  • Avrora: Simulator designed also for sensor a network that is compatible with Java.
Upcoming Research Topics in Wireless-Communication-Projects:
  • High Data Rate Photonic Wireless Communication also by Mm-Wave Integrated Photo Receivers
  • Multi-Agent Framework with a Central Observation Post also by Downlink Optimal Scheduling Communication
  • Sparse Channel Estimation Using SM-NLMS Algorithm also for Correntropy Induced Metric Criterion
  • Detect Online Fault Tolerant Dynamic Event Region also in sensor Networks Through Trust Model
  • Wireless Networks Modeling and also Performance Analysis with Ambient Backscatter Devices
  • SDF and Non-Cooperative Schemes Energy Consumption Analysis Over Nakagami-mChannel Under Outage Probability Constraint
  • Bit Interleaved Coded Spatial Modulation Framework also Using Labeling Optimizations and Constellation
  • Energy Efficient Resource Scheduling for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) Frameworks also with Imperfect Channel State Information
  • An Evolutionary Game in Fog Radio Access Networks also for User Access Mode Selection
  • Distributed Power Allocation Underlying Cellular Networks also for Device to Device Communications
  • A Low Complexity Approach also for Modulation of Generalized Spatial Over Transmit Antenna Correlation
  • A Wireless Sensor Network Recharging Strategy also by Balancing Sensor Nodes Lifespan
  • Reactive and Proactive Strategies also in Content Centric and Multi Users Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Lightweight Service Replication in Mobile Edge Networks also for Ultra Short Latency Applications
  • Finding Optimal Policies also for Constrained POMDP Framework Based Wideband Spectrum Sensing