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Significant designs to write Scopus-journal paper guidance below,
  • Title – It is also entice the opportunity to reader’s attention.
  • Abstract – It is simply understood without reading the whole article.
  • Keywords – Evading those which are not broadly used.
  • Introduction – A good overview is also providing questions for the succeeding.
  • Related work – It is also used to survey the paper.
  • Proposed System Model – Need to include full information also to a knowledgeable reader.
  • Results – Prepare the figures and tables are also most proficient way to present your results
  • Discussion – Discussion and also results is not just a paper work.
  • Concluding – To write up conclusions, future work and also references

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  • Standard English
  • Customized format according to the journal
  • Research papers are also clearly explain the scope
  • Clear Mathematical formulation / equation
  • Benchmark papers [IEEE, Springer, and also Elsevier]
  • Plagiarism free from a single source less than 1%
  • SCI Journal Citations also for Literature
  • Afterward valuation by our team, a scientific paper is delivered
Type of SCOPUS Manuscript
  • Original research articles also in current hot topic
  • Letters/Magazines/Short communications also for any special issue
  • Review or Survey papers/Perspectives

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