Software Defined Networking Projects offers an innovative platform for students to nurture their creative ideas under the guidance of renowned experts and also technocrats to enlighten their career prospective. It is an approach, used to design, manage and also build networks, which separates networks control and forwarding planes to enable network control to become directly programmable. SDN offers efficient configuration, higher flexibility and also better performance to accommodate innovative network design. It is also one of the most recent areas of research for scholars, who feel to work with a challenging and interesting research issue.

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  • An innovative approach which also allows network administrators to manage network services via abstraction of lower level functionalities.
  • It has also emerged to overcome the traditional networking problems to support the storage needs, scalable and also dynamic computing of modern computing environments like Data centres.
  • SDN disassociate the system which make the decision about where the traffic is sent[i.e. Control panel] from the underlying system which forwards the traffic to the selected destination[i.e. the data plane]
  • Agile and also Centrally managed[using software based SDN controllers]
  • Directly programmable
  • Configure, manage, also optimize network resources using dynamic and automated SDN programs
  • Open standard based and also vendor neutral solution
  • Offers big switch network also with automatic network device configuration
  • Dynamic global control also with cross layer information
  • Decouples control plane from data plane and also provides programmability for network applications and development
  • Extensible messaging and also presence protocol
  • Border Gateway protocol
  • NETCONF[based on RPC, also used to resolve problem with Simple network management protocol and also command line interface protocols]
  • MPLS Transport profile[MPLS-TP]
  • Open VSwitch database management protocol
  • Emulation of shortest path algorithm
  • Rule caching algorithm
  • Multi constrained algorithm
  • Dynamic algorithm for loop detection
  • Genetic based load balancing algorithm
  • Dynamic time out algorithm
  • Extending Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm
  • Dynamic algorithm also for loop detection
  • Heuristic algorithm also for energy optimization and consumption
  • Scalable Routing and also wavelength assignment algorithms
  • And also in Malware detection algorithm
  • OpenNet[simulator also for software defined wireless local area network]
  • CLoudSimSDN[Simulation and also modeling of software defined cloud data centres]
  • NS3 [Network simulator-3]
  • Open daylight Controller
  • Mininet-WiFi[Mininet SDN Network emulator]
  • EstiNet 9.0 [OpenFlow Network Simulator and Emulator]
  • Mininet with Open source controller/Pox
  • Fast, accurate Simulation also for SDN prototyping[FS SDN]
  • It is also a foundation element for building SDN Solution
  • Also it is actually a communication protocol, which gives access to forwarding plane of a network router or switch over the network
  • It is also used between the switch and controller on a secure channel
  • Openflow Highlights
    • -Programmability[Enable innovation, accelerate new features and also services]
    • -Abstraction[Decoupling of software and hardware, Physical and logical configuration, control plane and also forwarding]
    • -Centralized Intelligence[Optimize performance, simplify provisioning, granular policy management]
  • OpenDaylight[Open source SDN platform]
  • OpenContrail[Open source network virtualization platform]
  • ONOS[Open Network Operating system]
  • POX[Python also based SDN Controller]
  • MUL[C based Openflow SDN Controller]
  • IRIS[Resursive SDN Openflow Controller(in java)]
  • Jaxon[NOX dependent java based Open flow controller]
  • NOX[C++/Python based controller]
  • Beacon[Java based controller which supports both event based and also threaded operation]
  • Floodlight[Java based Openflow controller]
  • Maestro[Java based Openflow operating system also for orchestrating network control applications]
  • Trema [Full stack framework also for developing OpenFlow Controller(C/Ruby)]
  • Ryu [Open sourced network operating system(in python)]
  • NodeFlow [Openflow controller written also in Javascript]
  • NDDI-OESS[used to configure and also control OpenFlow enabled switches]
  • OVS-Controller[Trivial reference controller packaged also with Open vSwitch(in C)]
  • Cherry[Open flow controller written also in Go]
  • OpenFlow Sec FortNOX [Extension to open source NOX Openflow controller ]
  • OpenFlow Sec FRESCO[Framework also for rapidly prototyping security detection and mitigation modules]
SDN Switches:
  • Open vSwitch[Open flow stack used as vswitch also in virtualized environments and ported to multiple hardware platforms(C/Python)]
  • Indigo[C based hardware switching Openflow implementation]
  • Pica8[C based open switch software platform also for hardware switching chips]
  • OpenFlowJ [Openflow stack written also in Java]
  • Pantou [Open flow port to OpenWRT Wireless environment(in C)]
  • Oflib-node[Openflow protocol library also for Node(in Javascript)]
  • OpenFaucet[Used to implement both controllers and also switches in python]
  • Nettle[Open flow library written also in Haskell]
  • Software defined Mobile Network
  • Network function virtualization and also SDN
  • Control plane bottleneck issues
  • Synchronization and also communication between Multi controller
  • Reducing latency between controllers and also switches
  • Software defined networking also for Cloud computing
  • 5G software defined Ecosystems
  • SD-WAN[Wide Area Network]
  • Denial of service detection and also mitigation techniques
  • Security issues also in SDN controllers
  • Software defined protection
  • Software-defined satellite networks
  • Software defined management of Edge as a service networks etc

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