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  • Green Cloud Simulator is a packet level simulator used for cloud communications in an energy aware cloud computing data centers.
  • It is mainly used for:


 Resource allocation

 Workload scheduling

 Optimization of communication protocols and network infrastructures


  • Work as an extension of NS2 Network simulator
  • Can be used in ECO CLOUD and GreenIT projects
  • Support for VM Migration and virtualization
  • Provides User friendly GUI and network aware resource allocation
  • Open source software which focus on cloud networking and energy awareness
  • Works on network aware resource allocation
  • Provides independent energy model for every type of resource
  • A simulation framework of networking resources, CPU, storage and memory.

Research topics using Green Cloud Simulator:

  • An energy efficiency technique in cloud based MapReduce applications through better performance estimation in green cloud computing
  • An semi-dynamic green resource management scheme in Downlink Heterogeneous Networks by using Group Sparse Power Control
  • EAPM: Energy Aware Programming Model for distributed infrastructure in Green Cloud Computing
  • A coding based optimization for Big Data Processing: Greener Data Exchange in the Green Cloud Computing
  • An Effective Energy Efficient Smart Cooling System based on Cloud
  • Impact of carbon footprint on environment towards Green Cloud Computing
  • Scalable GPU enabled framework for training Deep Neural Networks in Green Cloud Computing
  • Reinforcement Learning based on Power management for Green Cloud Computing Data Centers.
  • SDHCA: Software Defined Hyper Cellular Architecture for elastic and green wireless access.
  • An Energy Efficient Smart Cooling System using Wireless Sensor Networks in Green Cloud Computing
  • Enhanced Ant Colony based Optimization for Managing Cloud Resources in Manufacture Sector
  • Energy Efficiency Observation using Green Cloud Simulator.
  • Pre-emptive job scheduling algorithm based on priority in Green Cloud Computing
  • Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Allocation scheme for Cloud Data Centers
  • User scheduling and Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for collaborative Mobile Clouds with Hybrid Receivers
  • Green Video Transmission approach in Mobile Cloud Networks: GVT.
  • Capacity Planning and Optimal Energy Source Selection for Green Cloud Data Centers: Green Planning.
  • A Key for 5G Networks: Traffic Aware Green Cloud Radio Access Networks
  • REEiT: Resource Elastic Energy and Intelligent Traffic Scheme for Green Cloud Radio Access Networks
  • Optimization of Parallel HPC applications for Green Energy Sources
  • Real-Time Environment Aware of Web Service Evaluation and Selection in Cloud
  • An Efficient Technique for Server Management to improve Green Cloud QoS Service.
  • 3-step Data Security Model for Green cloud computing by using RSA and Steganography.
  • Data Centers Greening Scheme with in Cost Budget in Green Cloud Computing
  • Load Balancing Method in Green cloud computing Environment: ICA- MMT.


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