Hadoop Projects, an innovative platform to build your talent and bring out your efficiency to upgrade your performance. Hadoop is one of the most recent areas for research, which makes it an attractive platform in the midst of scholars and students. Apache hadoop has got its wide spread usage due to its open source platform. It acts as a central store for big data, which makes it more popular among top IT solutions and businesses. Scholars have enormous scope for research in this field, due to its rising needs and issues. You can approach us anytime for getting innovative ideas on Hadoop Projects to enlighten your research work with our effort and support.


  Hadoop Projects offers you wide collection of pioneer ideas mined with the help of top experts. It is always better to choose the most recent technology and tool for your project to bring a standard into your project. Hadoop is a software framework used to store massive amount of data, provides enormous processing power and handles virtually unlimited concurrent tasks. You can take Hadoop projects for your research work as it is one of the rising fields with many hidden issues needed to be unearthed. We have provided below, few most important aspect of Hadoop for scholars to get complete Knowledge about hadoop.

Key features of Hadoop:

  • It is scalable, cost effective and flexible
  • Main reason to use hadoop includes data agility, mining larger datasets, large scale pre processing of raw data and data exploration with full datasets.
  • It has HDFS to store large amount of information ,which is robust and resilient to failure
  • It works in parallel fashion and maintains reliability by automatically maintaining multiple copies of data
  • Easily deployed on large clusters of cheap commodity hardware.
  • Main modules of hadoop includes MapReduce, Hadoop sorting, grouping and partitioning and Hadoop yarn

Programming Languages Used:

  • Java[.java]
  • C++[.cc]
  • Python[.py]
  • PHP[.php,.phtml,.php3,.php4,.php5,.php7,.phps]
  • Ruby[.rb, .rbw]
  • ERLANG[.erl,.hrl]
  • PERL[.pl,.pm,.t,.pod]
  • Haskell[.hs, .lhs]
  • C#[C sharp- .cs]-Microsoft .Net SDK for hadoop

Software requirements for Hadoop:

  • Latest version[Hadoop 2.7.2]
  • Required software details:

 -Java(JDK) must be installed[get latest version from hadoop Java versions]

 -SSH installed and SSHD must be running[Manages hadoop scripts and remote hadoop daemons]

Platform and Tools support:

  • Run on Unix, Windows and MAC OS X
  • Works with Linux[ production platform] and Windows[requires Cygwin to run]

Tools Support:

  • Apache Hadoop[Official version]
  • HDFS[Hadoop distributed file system]- Used to split data across clusters
  • Apache Ambari[Manages Hadoop clusters]
  • Apache hive[Data warehouse which allows data accessible through SQL like language]
  • Apache HBase[Table oriented database on the top of hadoop]
  • Apache Pig[Platform for running code in parallel fashion]
  • Apache Sqoop[act as a Tool for transferring data between hadoop and other storage systems]
  • NoSQL[Cassandra , Riak, MongoDB]
  • ZooKeeper[tool for synchronizing and configuring hadoop clusters]
  • Apache Avro[Data serialization system]
  • Apache Mahout[Machine learning library for hadoop ]
  • Oozie[Workflow manager for Apache toolchain]
  • GIS Tools[Manages the geographical components]
  • Apache Flume[Collects log data using HDFS]
  • Apache Lucene/ Apache Solr[Tool for indexing text data]
  • Apache Spark[makes the algorithm to run faster]
  • SQL on hadoop[It includes Cloudera Impala, Apache Hive, Shark, Apache Drill, shark, Presto(Facebook), Apache phoenix, Apache Tajo, EMC/Pivotal HAWQ, BigSQL]

Interfacing Tools and Plugins support:

Apache Hadoop Development Tools[Version- HDT 0.0.2]

Plugin for Eclipse IDE to develop Hadoop based projects. It also supports:

  • Launch Map Reduce program on hadoop cluster
  • Creates Java classes for Mapper and driver
  • Lists the running jobs available on MR Cluster
  • Inspect HDFS and Zookeeper nodes

Hadoop Interface with Tools like:


  • Provides web based interface to provision, manage and monitor hadoop clusters
  • Operating System Used: Windows, OS X, Linux


  • Provides data serialization system with rich data structures
  • Platform support: OS Independent


  • Application development platform
  • It is platform independent


  • For the purpose of monitoring, it Collects data from large distributed systems
  • Platform support: OS X, Linux


  • Collects log data from other source and send them into hadoop
  • Platform Support: Linux , OS X

Hadoop Distributed File System:

  • File system for Hadoop
  • Platform support: Linux, Windows and OS X


  • Distributed database for accessing bigdata for real time read/write operation
  • Similar to Google’s Bigtable and platform independent

 Hivemall[Platform independent]:

  • Collection of machine learning algorithm [for classification, regression, k-nearest neighbor, feature hasing, anomaly detection etc]


  • Work as data warehouse for hadoop
  • It uses HiveQL and it is platform independent


  • Used to create scalable machine learning applications
  • Provides algorithm for data mining purpose , and for Scala and spark environment.
  • Platform independent


  • Used to manage Hadoop jobs and can be integrated with MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Sqoop etc
  • Operating system: OS X, Linux


  • Programming model used to process large distributed datasets
  • Platform independent


  • Platform for distributed big data analysis
  • It is platform independent and works with a programming language called Pig Latin.


  • Data processing engine
  • Platform support: Windows, Linux, OS X


  • Transfers the data between relational database and hadoop
  • Platform Independent


  • Used to simplify complicated jobs
  • Platform support: Windows, OS X, Linux


  • Used to provide distributed synchronization and group services, which acts as a centralized service for maintaining naming and configuration information
  • Platform support: MAC OS X, Windows, Linux

GUI and Database support:

GUI Support:

  • Uses HUE[Open source web interface to analyze data]

Database support:

NoSQL Database[Not only SQL]:

  • Works on the demand of big data

MongoDB[NoSQl database]

  • Free and open source document oriented database


  • Open source distributed database management system used to handle large amount of data


  • Open source, distributed and non-relational database
  • Provides real time read and write to big data


  • Used to read, write and manage large datasets from distributed storage using SQL


 We have provided an overview about Hadoop, which will be helpful to choose your hadoop projects. You can have an online session with our experts, who can guide you in a better way to bring out the best in you. It will give you a start up ignition, which will make you reach the pinnacle of success.