Ns2 Projects offers you a wonderful opportunity to work with us. We have started our service in the only goal to provide best NS2 projects for our students. We have world class developers with us working for you, to create something innovative which can benefit you and can create your own identity in the society. NS2 is open source software mainly used for educational and research purpose. It is one of the major tools used today by students due to its wide functionalities and applications. We work for B.tech, M.tech, and PhD/MS scholars from all over the world. Our only passion and aim is serving students.

 Make your network with us and share your idea to grow up with us…..let’s create a new revolution for simulation…………….


   NS2 projects offer a diverse range of projects in NS2 for you. We believe in transforming your ideas into your work. As like all, we don’t believe in providing static lists and making you to choose a topic among it. We believe that every student has to feel their worth as everyone has a power to change the world with their critical thinking power. Change your world, know your worth, and come to us. We create innovative projects for every student as we believe that our students can compete with any projects in the world and can make their name along with us. We update our self continuously and provide best research projects by investigating new concepts in the field of networking. To know better about how to take a project in NS2, we provide following support:

Working with NS2:

NS2 is an object oriented network simulator used for the simulation of

  • Wired Networks(LAN and Virtual LAN)

  • Wireless simulation(Wireless Adhoc networks)

  • Major areas for NS2 simulation

These are the major areas using which we can develop an application using NS2:

  • Major Routing protocols for simulation

  • Transport protocols like TCP, UDP,SRM,RTP etc

  • For wired networks (IGMP, PIM, DVMRP, MOSPF,MBGP, MSDP, GMRP, MLD)

  • For Wireless Adhoc Networks(DSDV, TORA,DSR, AODV, PUMA, PIM-DIM, M-DART, PIM-SIM, WRP, Global state routing, Fisheye state routing, Hierarchical state routing, ZHLS, CGSR, Cluster based routing protocols, ABR, Signal stability routing )

  • MAC layer Protocols(802.11 and TDMA)

    Major NS2 algorithms:

  • Genetic Algorithm

  • Clustering algorithms like K-Mean

  • Security algorithms for Network attacks

  • MANET routing algorithms

    Major NS2 Mechanisms:

  • Hierarchical and multicast routing

  • Scheduling concepts(Packet scheduling)

  • Queue Management(RED,FQ, DRR, SFQ, drop tail)

  • Traffic sources(FTP, Telnet,CBR,ARQ)

  • Multi-flow data transmission

  • Congestion control and protocol behavior

  • Energy optimization

  • Performance comparison

  • Failure analysis(Deterministic, probabilistic, link failure)

  • QOS support(Diffserv and IntServ)

  • GUI based network design( with SNMP, Cisco IOS devices)

    Major Research Domains for NS2 simulation:

  • Wireless sensor Networks(WSN)

  • Web caching and traffic Modeling

  • Wireless networked Mobile Robots

  • Satellite Networks and its applications

  • TCP and Internet traffic Modeling

  • Mobile Adhoc Networks and Internet based MANET(iMANET)

  • VANET(Vehicular Ad-hoc network) and Intelligent VANET

  • Wireless Mesh Network

  • Multimedia and Network security

  • Mobile and computer Networks

  • Device to device communication

  • LTE networks and WIMAX

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Work with NAM and NAM graphical editors:

  • TCL/TK based animation tool used for visualization of Network simulation

  • Support for NAM versions (Ex-NAM 1.0a11a(Windows-32 bit),NAM 1.0a11(Linux, windows-32bit) etc)

  • Major research areas

  • Satellite network research works

  • TCP pacing and dynamics

  • Session simulation and multicast routing

    Installation support with all the platforms:

  • NS2 in Windows(32 bits)

  • Binary file(ns2.exe and nam.exe)

  • TCLInterpreter(tclsh.exe)

  • IDE support(Ns2 script generator)

  • Using Cygwin

  • NS2 with UNIX and Unix like system(FreeBSD,Linux, Sun solaris, HP and SGI )

  • Need C++ compiler

    Development support for NS2:

  • Major Languages

  • C++(for detailed protocol simulation)

  • TCL(Simulation of parameters and configuration)

  • OTCL(Object oriented TCL)

  • Linking OTCL with C++

  • Additional need: Trace file generation, OTCL script with Object oriented Interpreter, NAM files, debugging.

  • AWK programming

    NS2 Library support:

  • Network components(Link layer, Interface priority queue, Mac layer, NETIF, ARP etc)

  • Event schedulers

  • Plumbing modules

  • Components to build NS2(TCL/TK, TCLcl, nam-1, Xgraph, dMalloc, cl-debug, tiers2ns conversion programs, sgb2ns conversion program, Cweb and sgb)

  • Scenario generation in NS2 (Generator for topology, agent and Route )
  • Tological generation in NS2(GT-ITM topology generator, Inet topology generator,Tiers topology generator etc)

  • Emulation support(Opaque mode and protocol mode- Real time objects, Network objects and tap agents, BPF and PCAP network object, IP/UDP network objects)

    Work with major NS2 interfacing like:

  • Ns2 with parallel and distributed systems

  • Ns2 with Mannasim

  • Ns2 with Matlab

  • Ns2 with SUMO(for VANET)-TransNS simulation

  • NS2 with Evalvid

  • Java Network simulator

  • NS2 with DESSERT underwater(for underwater protocols)

  • Ns2 with WOSS(World Ocean simulation system)

  • NS Miracle(simulation of communication systems)

 Based on all the above concepts and major applications, we can suggest you plenty of projects in NS2. We have explored every area in NS2, which has made us master of NS2. Students can bring any concept to us, we are ready to help them as innovation and exploration is our prime focus. We want every student to take up a best topic which can give them research platform.