PhD projects in computer networking

PhD projects in computer networking

PhD projects in computer networking is a vast domain with its significant in every other discipline. In computer science, we have few major topics among, which networking is the most common domain scholars opt. Networking is a common term which indicates connection between electronic device like computers etc. It has its impact in every other domain. It is interdisciplinary in nature. It is the fact why everyone opt networking. There is plenty of scope to work in computer networking due to its wide usage. Scholars who wish to opt PhD projects in computer networking can approach us as we work on every aspect of computer networking. We are continuously updating our self to find new innovative ideas in this field as we know the areas to be focused under computer networking. We work on all the tools, routing protocols, attacks and sub domains of computer networking. We have mentioned few below for your reference. If you want to implement any other topic other than we have mentioned, we can help as we have top experts with us working 24/7 for you. Our experts are well versed with every minute concept of networking due to their immeasurable experience. Scholars who want to work in networking can approach us, as we are the right person for your requirements.

Topics under for PhD projects in computer networking:

We have many topics under computer networking domain due to its interdisciplinary nature. Lets discuss about each topic in brief. Under networking, we can work on most recent technology like mobile computing and mobile cloud computing. We dont have any specific area to be worked as we are specialist in all the domains. Another major domain under networking is MANET i.e mobile adhoc networks. Under this we can work on VANET i.e vehicular adhoc networks, wireless adhoc network and its security issues. Adhoc network is a network which is based on infrastructure less communication which makes it best suited for todays need. We have major technologies like Bluetooth, zigbee etc based on this domain.

Security is a major concern in every domain. In networking, it is most significant area as transmission of data in a secure manner is a basic need of every communication. Networking is a fundamental of every IT companies today. Such a huge companies, will surely focus on security issues which makes security as ever flourishing need. Scholars can work on Network security, Wireless network security etc. All these are ever growing needs and will always have a broad scope. Other than these, we work on parallel computing, software defined networking, wireless communication, Mobile communication, wireless networks, wireless sensor networks, wireless mesh network telecommunications, video streaming, Internet of things etc.

We can also work on the most important and basic concept of networking i.e IPv4 and IPv6. Under this field, we have many recent concepts to be worked upon. Scholars can approach us; we will explain each area completely which can give scholars an insight about networking. These will be helpful for scholars to choose their topic of interest.

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Major Routing protocols for PhD projects in computer networking:

There are many routing protocols in computer networking which has its own importance and need. What is a protocol? it is just a set of rules which anybody can create. Routing protocol is used to specify how the routers communicate with each other. It is the basis of networking where there are plenty of issues to be worked upon. Each protocol has its significance and issues, which we need to, identify and worked upon. Sometimes, few scholars may wish to create their own protocol. We are happy to appreciate such scholars and if they need any support from us, we are pleasured to help them. Here we have enumerated few protocols for scholars reference but we are not confined to only these protocols, we work on every new and recent protocol.

Ant Colony Optimization
DPD-K Scheduling

PhD projects in computer networking:

We have discussed above important areas and protocols in computer networking. Other major aspects to be worked upon in networking are attacks and parameters. A PhD projects in computer networking is the best domain for research due to its wide scope and issues. We can work on its parameter, attacks, protocols etc ,if we take each of these area, we have plenty of topics to be worked. For scholars, it may be difficult to choose a topic, but due to specialization in this domain, we can easily find any issues. We have worked on every small issue of networking which is the reason we can focus on every minute concept of networking. Lets discuss few topics under Networking parameter and attacks.

Important networking parameters :

Control Overhead
Node Mobility
Congestion control

Few Important attacks:

Deanonymization Attack
Localizing Jammers
sybil attack
Rejection Attack
Byzantine Attacks
misreporting attack
Sinkhole Attack
Black hole attack
DDOS Attack

                              We have enumerated only few attacks and parameters for just the purpose of basic understanding. Scholars can contact us anytime, for more concepts and information. We will send our complete list of all the topics and concepts under networking. Our experts will also guide to take best topic based on the recent needs and technologies. If you wish to stand out in the field of networking, we can help you to shine best in this domain. Your need is our promise.

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1.How will you prepare the proposal?

we prepare the proposal for the paper according to the top journal level like SCI. we refer all the SCI journals and create standard proposal for our scholars.

2.For complete networking Phd project, how much do you charge?

We charge according to the following factors:
Total thesis pages
Number of journal published
Overall requirement

3.How much time do you need to publish a paper in journals like SCI and scopus?

It is completely based on the journal. for SCI, we need 75 working days and for Scopus , we need 15 to 20 working days.