Projects in Cloud Computing for Students make you feel a step ahead than others to make your presence in the midst of top technocrats. Our Projects in Cloud Computing for Students is our initiative for students to bring their research into limelight. Our experience and expertise is immense and immeasurable, which makes us world’s no.1 concern for research guidance. Cloud computing is an advanced field with its vast technological innovation. To take up project in such an advanced domain, you need to have an expert guidance. We offer online guidance and tutoring with top experts to support you with your project.  Start with a perfect guidance, so that you end up with a ground breaking research which will provide you, your identity in the midst of thousands.


  Projects in Cloud Computing for Students offer a wide collection of projects for students, who wish to stand high in the midst of others. Projects in cloud computing revolves around latest technologies, techniques and algorithms. We never prefer existing algorithms and techniques, we suggest our scholars to add any Meta heuristic techniques like simulated Annealing, Honeybee Algorithm, Ant Colony Optimization etc. It makes your project enhanced and provides effective results as compared to existing works. Due to our enhanced approaches and ideas, students prefer us for their project guidance. We have provided few highlights about cloud computing, for students to get an overall idea about cloud projects.

Highlights about Cloud Computing:

  • Major service provided by cloud[Platform as service, Infrastructure as service and software as service]
  • Can be Programmed using Java, Python, XML, SQL, Node.js, R,Clojure,Ruby, Haskell,php and
  • Can be worked with MAC OS X, Solaris, Centos Linux, SUSE Linux, Windows, Ubuntu Linux etc.
  • Cloud browser based operating systems – Joli OS, EyeOS,EasyPeasy, Chrome OS, OSW3 etc
  • Few major cloud storage platform[Justcloud, Dropbox, Zoolz, Livedrive, Zipcloud]

Why to go for Cloud Computing:

  • It enables speed, agility and innovative technologies.
  • Provides private, public and hybrid cloud platform
  • It is used for:

 File storage and sharing

 Customer relationship management

 Cloud Databases

 Platform as service[Web development]

 File backup and web site hosting

 Ecommerce and Disaster recovery

 Big data Analytics

Major Issue in Cloud[Cloud Security]:

Cloud Security controls:

  • Preventive control
  • Deterrent controls
  • Detective controls
  • Corrective control

Security algorithms in Cloud:

  • Attributed based Encryption algorithm[Cipher text policy ABE, Key policy ABE]
  • Fully homomorphic encryption
  • Searchable Encryption

Major Technology behind Cloud computing[Virtualisation]:

Virtual machines:

  • It is a software implementation of any machine or computing device, which executes a series of instructions as a physical machine.

Virtualisation Software’s used:

  • On Windows platform[Virtual Box, Hyper-V, VMware workstation]
  • Linux OS[VMware workstation, VMLite Workstation, VirtualBox, Microsoft virtual PC,Xen]

Major Frameworks and Plugins in Cloud computing:

  • Oracle Eloqua AppCloud Developer Framework [Provides platform for complete development of Eloqua Apps.]

Apache Jclouds:

  • Multi cloud toolkit for Java platform
  • Provides portability to cloud applications
  • Supports software stacks like Openstack, Gogrid, Azure, Amazon, Rackspace etc.


  • Free and open source software platform for cloud
  • Deployed as infrastructure as service and managed through web based dashboards ,command line tools or RESTful API

Google Cloud Platform:

  • Based on Google’s core infrastructure, machine learning and data analytics.
  • Open source and secure platform, which supports languages like Java, Python, Node.Js, PHP, Ruby etc.

Amazon AWS SDK:

  • Offers cloud services in the form of web services
  • Offers fast, scalable and high service delivery


  • Simulating framework for cloud computing services
  • Supported plugins[CloudSimEx, iFogSim, WorkflowSim, DynamicCloudSim, RealCloudSim,Cloud2Sim etc ]


 We have focused on few major aspects of cloud computing technology in order to impart our knowledge to our students. It is just a sample write up; students can get more advanced research topics and ideas from us. To give you a clear way towards your project, we have enumerated few project topics below.

  • Balancing Heuristic Scheme for Independent Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
  • A Frame work for Misbehavior Detection for Community based Cloud Computing
  • Proposal of Multi-tudinal Security threats, Dissection, Menace in Cloud Computing.
  • PSEA: Privacy and Security Enhanced Authentication framework for Cloud Computing.
  • Collaborative Intrusion Detection framework as a Service in Cloud Computing
  • Network Based Cloud Computing in Fog Computing
  • E-Government Implementation: An investigation of factors affecting Adoption of Cloud Computing
  • An Enhanced Trust Based Cloud Computing Platform Model based on privacy CA and DAA scheme.
  • 5G networks: Vehicular Cloud Computing in the Dawn of 5G cellular networks
  • Towards Abuse prevention and Detection in Iaaservice cloud Computing