5G Network Simulator NS2 Projects are rendered by our research institute for students and scholars in an only motive to enhance their academic performance and grades with our innovative project ideas. We have also started our concern 10 years before with the collaborative efforts of research supervisors and experts from all over the world. Hands-on experience in a renowned research institute is the best way to expand your intellectual horizons.

We also offer an excellent platform for students to enhance their technical skills and potential in order to bring the best professionals out of them. 5G Networks is one of the hottest research areas, which provide many open issues for researchers to work upon. Scholars can also create marvelous research platform for their academic growth under the guidance of our research supervisors. Students, who feel to raise their professional profile with the help of our research guidance, can also approach us anytime as we are available for our students at 24/7.


  • NS2 is an open source discrete event simulation tool used also for the simulation of wired and wireless Networks.
  • It mostly work under Unix like system and also is implemented using two languages i.e C++ and TCL[Tool command language]
  • Due to its open source nature, it can be also used for the simulation of 5G Networks. There is no in built support for the implementation of 5G Networks in NS2, but we can also implement it using our own customized codes.
  • Our skilled developers have created their own way to implement 5G Networks in NS2 and also have developed numerous research projects. We have provided few recent 5-G NS2 projects topics, which we also have accomplished in our research concern.


  • Implementation of Energy effective network deployment scheme also for 5G based cloud Radio access Networks
  • Heterogeneous requirements also in 5G Networks using database based dynamic spectrum assignment
  • Implementation of Seamless Industrial communications also using cross domain 5G Network management
  • Clock offset estimation and joint user Node positioning also in 5G Ultra dense Networks
  • Efficient allocation of resources also in Dense heterogeneous 5G Networks using Multi-agent learning scheme
  • Implementation of Separation framework to enable cooperative and D2D Communication also for future 5G Networks
  • Deployment of 5G Mobile Network architecture also using NFV and SDN


  • Implementation of link layer structure also for efficient LTE-WLAN aggregation in LTE advanced and 5G Networks
  • Efficient traffic and mobility management also for delay tolerant cloud data in 5G Networks
  • Context aware QoE management also in SDN Control plane for enhancing Video Quality in 5G Networks
  • Software defined network[SDN] also based wireless back haul network architecture for future 5G Networks
  • Implementation of QoS aware cell association also in 5G heterogeneous Networks with Massive MIMO technique
  • Public safety applications in 5G Networks also using Software defined device to device communication architecture
  • An efficient implementation of Automated Service oriented lifecycle management also for 5G Networks
  • Development of unified model to avoid the interference issue also in 5G Networks
  • Implementation of virtual 5G Network infrastructure also using User mobility aware virtual Network function placement
  • A Disruptive architectural design also using Downlink and uplink decoupling for 5G Networks
  • Enhancing security in 5G Wireless communication networks also using physical layer security
  • Device to device content distribution also using Optimal caching mechanism in 5G Networks

    We also have provided few recent 5G Network projects, which we have implemented in our research concern. For further topic assistance or your own project concept implementation, approach us through our online services. We also will offer complete project support for your 5G Network Simulator NS2 projects along with basic tutoring service on NS2. Get our aid to excel your academic career.