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  • Outline a topic and also audience
  • Search and also re-search the literature
  • Takings proceedings/notes reading
  • Pick the type of review also for desire to write
  • Keep the review focused
  • Be critical and also consistent
  • Find a logical structure
Let’s find logical structure of A2 journal paper writing,
  • Title
  • Objective of Study
  • Abstract
  • Introduction/Overview

                      -Research question also to be answered

  • Background Work
  • Literature Review



-Research Methodology (Primary research was obtained)

  • Experimental Results

                    -Quantitative analysis

                   -Qualitative analysis

                   -Data Collection/Analyzing the Data

                   -Implementation (for e.g. as also per scholar’s need)

                   -Data Set Collection (for e.g. real-time & non real-time)

                  -Interpretation data results/Numerical Results

                  -Comparative Graphs

  • Discussion of Results

                 -Comparison based on Method, Achievement, also Limitations

                -Comparison based on Advantages and also Disadvantages

                -Current Studies and also Future Directions

               -Conclusion/Summary of a Specific Research Topic

               -References/Work Cited

Outline for Journals Paper Writing Guidance

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Let’s get an idea of how to write A2 Journal paper?
  • Step 1: Check kind of information contain also in the work
  • Step2: Define main idea
  • Step 3: Look-up unknown terms
  • Step4: Highlight significant ideas
  • Step 5: Write an outline
  • Step6: Brainstorm points of a paper
  • Step 7: Check article also in review format
  • Step8: Write also the review manuscript
Some Major Research Domains,
  • Neural Networks
  • Soft Computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Wireless networks
  • RFID
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer networks
  • Image processing
  • Grid computing
  • Biomedical Simulations
  • Vehicular Ad-hoc network
  • Control systems
  • Wireless and also sensor systems and so on.

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