Artificial intelligence projects for computer science

A big adventure is waiting for scholars who are going to pursue their   Artificial intelligence projects for computer science. If you are a in beginner, intermediate or advanced level we will guide you with the correct AI project that fits your skill as research team stays updated on current ideas and techniques.

Below are some of the customised AI projects for computer science:

Beginner Level

  1. To-Do List Assistant: A simple structure of chatbot is built to handle the to do list basic skill like Python and NLP is required.
  2. Language Translation Service: We must create a simple translation service by using pre-trained models or Google Translate services will be needed for Python, APIs.
  3. Face Recognition for Secure Login: A face recognition system can be implemented for secure login to a website or application for Python, OpenCV basic help will be supported.

Intermediate Level

  1. Text Summarization Tool: Create a tool that summarizes long articles into short summaries will be created with the aid of NLP, Python, Machine Learning.
  1. Smart Personal Finance Manager: An AI tool which classifies expenses and provides will be created by spending insights. Python, Data Analytics and ML Algorithms are aided.
  1. AI-based Game Bot: A bot that can play will be created to overcome human opponents in a game like Tic-Tac-Toe or Chess we need skill of Python, Game Theory, Reinforcement Learning.

Advanced Level

  1. Emotion Recognition from Text: To determine the emotional tone behind will be analysed by the usage of basic skill as Python, NLP, Machine Learning or Deep Learning.
  2. Customer Churn Prediction: Here we could calculate which customers churn using machine learning algorithms with the backup of Python, Machine Learning, Data Analysis.
  3. Semantic Search Engine: Build a search engine that understands the context of the query is constructed where the skill required here are Python, NLP, Elasticsearch.


  1. AI in Healthcare: Disease Prediction: To predict the likelihood of a disease based on healthcare metrics we make use of machine learning algorithms services of Python, Machine Learning Algorithms, Healthcare Data will be supported.
  2. Generative Models for Text or Image: Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) or LSTMs is made to use for creating new text or images we assist skills like Python, Deep Learning (GANs, LSTMs).
  3. Real-Time Object Detection for Surveillance: A real-time object detection system is implemented which can be combined with surveillance cameras the skill that are required and assisted are Python, Deep Learning (CNN), Real-Time Systems.

Social Good

  1. Disaster Relief Optimization: To optimize the allocation of resources by using AI for disaster relief here Python, Optimization Algorithms will be aided.
  2. AI for Accessibility: For people with disabilities, we create an AI tool with a sign language interpreter or a reading assistant for visually impaired people by using Python, Computer Vision or NLP.
  3. Environmental Monitoring: To analyse data from environmental sensors an AI is designed so that we can sense pollution or other hazards with the support of Python, Data Analytics, Sensors.

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What is the biggest problem in AI Projects?

Under AI many challenges are being faced as each areas have its own level of complications. The major issues are

Technical Encounters

  1. Generalization: AI models flop to simplify the data that they were not trained, especially in machine learning and deep learning.
  2. Explainability and Interpretability: It’s difficult to understand how neural networks arrive at a specific decision so it is referred as “black boxes” due to its advanced algorithms.
  3. Data Dependency: Large amounts of information is required for machine learning models which is not always available.
  4. Resource Intensive: Training advanced models need wide resources, making it unapproachable for average users.
  5. Real-time Decision Making: To make real-time decisions many applications need AI algorithms; it is challenging for both resources and algorithmic design.

Regulatory and Governance Challenges

  1. Lack of Regulation: We can find a lack of regulation in the development and use of AI, and it raises concerns about safety, misuse, and accountability.
  2. Global Governance: Ethical and safe development and placement is lacking as AI has become a global phenomenon.

Existential Risks

  1. Superintelligent AI: Currently, there is ongoing debate about the potential risks related with the development of AI systems if it surpasses human intelligence in a wide sense.
  2. Autonomous Weapons: The use of AI in the background of independent weapons, increases ethical and existential worries in the military areas.

Thus, the above issues in the field of AI raises research encounters. Discussing about them requires support from various areas as economics, computer science and law. We give new ideas to our scholars for their AI research projects and even the limitations can be overcome by our developers on technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Topics for Computer Science

Top 20 Artificial intelligence projects for computer science

Hereby we list top 20 artificial intelligence projects for computer science we guide throughout the AI research work by giving brief explanation and provide multiple formatting and editing.

  1. Online Subjective answer verifying system Using Artificial Intelligence
  2. Structural Change in Labor Market Influenced by Artificial Intelligence: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
  3. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Warfare and National Security
  4. Research on the Transition from Financial Accounting to Management Accounting in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  5. Patent Protection for Artificial Intelligence in China
  6. Privacy Crisis in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and its Countermeasures
  7. Composition of Online Teaching and Academic Ability under the Background of Artificial Intelligence and HTML
  8. Work in progress — A biomedical motif for teaching Artificial Intelligence in Context
  9. Artificial Intelligence: Are We All Going to Be Unemployed?
  10. Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Development of a Mobile Application for Higher Education Institution Information Portal
  11. Can Artificial Intelligence Help Optimize the Public Budgeting Process? Lessons about Smartness and Public Value from the Mexican Federal Government
  12. Path Optimization Development of Sports Industry Management Development under the Background of Artificial Intelligence Era
  13. Optimization Design of Traditional Building Space Based on Artificial Intelligence
  14. The Transformation and Development of Vocational Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  15. Artificial Intelligence Enabled Cyber Security
  16. Research on Environmental Pollution Detection Method Based on Artificial Intelligence
  17. Reform of English Listening Course Teaching Mode in Vocational Colleges Based on Artificial Intelligence
  18. A systematic review on artificial intelligence models applied to prediction in finance
  19. Goal-oriented requirements analysis and an extended design pattern using scala for artificial intelligence programming contests
  20. Implementing an Artificial Intelligence based Ideal form of Virtual Personal Assistant Design for Various Communication Medium.

We are open to customized AI topics.