Artificial Intelligence Topics

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a huge domain and covers a variety of topics we are happy to serve you for your research work on AI. Our research team provide a broad support for scholars to understand the project flow and outshine in their AI Research Work. Some of the significant and effective Artificial Intelligence topics are

  1. Definition:

Assistance will be provided how AI can perform a task according to human intelligence.

  1. History:

Under history we provide a short outline of the origins and progress of AI, by explaining its importance key milestones and breakthroughs.

  1. Types:

The different divisions or groups of AI will be explained, such as fine AI (focused on specific tasks) and universal AI (capable of human-level intelligence across a wide range of tasks).

  1. Applications:

Many real-world applications of AI will be briefly explained, such as virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles, healthcare diagnostics, and recommender systems.

  1. Machine Learning:

We bring into the concept of machine learning, that is a subset of AI that emphases on enabling computers to learn and progress from experience without being openly programmed.

  1. Deep Learning:

The concept of deep learning will be clearly explained, about a subfield of machine learning that includes artificial neural networks and has been involved in achieving significant advancements in AI is laid out by our experts.

  1. Ethical Considerations:

The challenges that is faced in with AI is discussed under Ethical Considerations, which includes privacy concerns, bias in algorithms, and its influence on the job market.

  1. Future:

The possible future growths and influence of AI will be discussed with the customers, such as progressions in robotics, increased intelligence (AI assisting human decision-making), and the possible for AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) by superior human intelligence.

General applications and use cases for AI algorithms

A complete Research Guidance will be given to our clients by our professional experts we offer novel ideas for your AI projects. We stay updated and make use of AI algorithm to produce proper results.

  • Healthcare:

We make use of AI algorithms in medical diagnosis, drug discovery and growth in personalized medicine

  • Finance:

Under Finance section AI algorithms is widely used for fraud detection and prevention and also applied in investment management, risk valuation and organization

  • Retail:

For customer service and support, in inventory management, personalized marketing and advertising we highly apply AI algorithms.

  • Manufacturing:

Manufacturing department we use AI algorithms for predictive maintenance, in quality control and inspection and in supply chain management.

What is good topic for artificial intelligence? run for more than 18 years, we have 100+ professionals to work on artificial intelligence topic. A clear-cut idea and practical explanations of the AI projects will be given to our customers.

  1. Natural Language Processing: Our team guide in discovering the capability of machines to know and process the human language.
  2. Computer Vision: To understand visual information we frame out algorithms.
  3. Robotics: To relate with humans we use AI to improve the capabilities of robots by allowing them to perform various tasks.
  4. 4. Healthcare: By applying AI in healthcare systems to recover diagnostics, modified medicine, and patient care.
  5. Autonomous Vehicles: To improve safety and efficiency for self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles we create an AI system.
  6. Virtual Assistants: We make use of Siri or Alexa to support users in numerous tasks and deliver personalized recommendations by generating virtual support.
  7. Data Analysis: Massive amounts of data and cutting valuable insights can be analysed by applying AI techniques for businesses and policymaking procedures.
  8. Gaming: We can create genuine and interesting opponents to make dynamic and adaptive game environments by the AI tools.
  9. Cybersecurity: Cyber Threats, Identify Vulnerabilities and improve overall Security measures can be carried out effectively by AI.
  10. Ethics and Bias: We could discover the ethical suggestions of AI systems, by safeguarding fairness, transparency, and responsibility in the development.

What are the best suitable research topics in artificial intelligence for undergraduates?

If you are an undergraduate student, we offer in AI research topic in endless way to dive deep into your  exact area of interest by gaining valuable experience from our professional experts.

Here are some areas that are both interesting and appropriate for undergraduate-level research scholars:

Machine Learning Basics

  1. Comparative Analysis of Classification Algorithms: Our team provides assistance by comparing the presentation of numerous classification and algorithms like SVM, Decision Trees, and Naive Bayes on detailed datasets.
  2. Hyperparameter Tuning: By tuning on the performance of machine learning models we examine the properties of hyperparameter.

Natural Language Processing

  1. Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data: To examine sentiment on platforms like Twitter or Reddit we make use of machine learning or deep learning techniques.
  2. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: We explore how chatbots can be made more brainier and context-aware.

Computer Vision

  1. Image Recognition for Healthcare: The application of image recognition in healthcare, such as diagnosing diseases from X-rays or MRIs is trained and explained to our users.
  2. Object Tracking Algorithms: We discover several algorithms that is used in tracking objects in video streams.

Reinforcement Learning

  1. Game Playing AI: Our team strengthen learning to train agents to play and often outshine at video games or board games like chess.
  2. Optimization in Supply Chain: To enhance numerous procedures in the supply chain we do research about how support to learning.

Ethics and Fairness in AI

  1. Bias in AI Models: Investigate the sources and impacts of biases in machine learning models and explore techniques for mitigating them.


  1. Explainable AI: To make AI models more translucent and reasonable, we make Research methods for black-box.



  1. Predictive Models for Patient Outcomes: We forecast patient outcomes such as readmissions, mortality rates, or disease development by applying machine learning based on clinical information.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  1. Energy-efficient IoT Devices: How to run on low-power IoT devices using AI algorithms will be explained by our team.
  2. Security in IoT: We explore the role of AI in classifying and justifying security threats in IoT networks.


  1. Human-Robot Interaction: Proper training will be given by our developers how robots can successfully relate with humans in numerous settings such as healthcare, retail, or home.
  2. SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping): To understand and navigate the environment various research methods for robots will be clarified.

Financial Applications

  1. Fraud Detection: We train you how to notice fraudulent transactions in real-time by applying machine learning algorithms.
  2. Portfolio Optimization: To improve financial portfolios based on various risk and return standards we frame by using AI algorithms.

Climate and Environment

  1. Climate Change Prediction: To forecast changes in climate or extreme weather events by using machine learning algorithms by our expert professionals.
  2. Wildlife Monitoring: We guide and explain you how to make use of AI to examine data from cameras or IoT devices to monitor wildlife activity.

The above listed topic is more enough to support for undergraduate research scholars by various angles of examination will be absorbed to carry out AI research work successfully. A good discussion is always better, before you start AI Research work. We provide individual expert care for each of our customer so don’t wait get in touch with us now.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

What are the most interesting open-source projects in artificial intelligence and machine learning? offer several open-source projects in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) we have gained the belief of more then 6000+ customers across the globe. We provide novel ideas so that valuation of your AI research projects will be of high benefit.

Do you want to explore more in artificial intelligence projects here are some interesting projects that you might want to discover.

Libraries and Frameworks

  1. TensorFlow: TensorFlow is one of the utmost widespread open-source libraries for mathematical calculation and machine learning that we progress by Google Brain.
  2. PyTorch: PyTorch is yet another broadly used machine learning library that highlights dynamic computational graphs we could develop it by Facebook’s AI Research lab.
  3. Scikit-learn: It’s formed by NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib it provides humble and effective tools for data mining and data analysis.

Natural Language Processing

  1. Spacy: In Python it serves as a collection for progressive Natural Language Processing.
  2. Hugging Face Transformers: Under BERT, GPT-2, and T5 for NLP responsibilities it acts as a state-of-the-art general-purpose architecture.

Computer Vision

  1. OpenCV: We target at real-time computer vision applications for Open Source Computer Vision.
  2. YOLO (You Only Look Once): To identify objects in images and videos we make use of real-time object detection system.

Reinforcement Learning

  1. OpenAI Gym: It serves as a toolkit for evolving and associating strengthening learning algorithms.
  2. Stable Baselines: Under Python it is a set of high-quality operations to strengthening learning algorithms.

Explainable AI

LIME (Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations): We help the scholars by explaining the forecasts of machine learning classifier.

Data Visualization

TensorBoard: It serves as a friendly tool for visualization, TensorFlow to review and recognize our projects TensorFlow runs and graphs will be clearly made to understand.

AutoML and Optimization

AutoSklearn: For a scikit-learn estimator it is an automatic machine learning toolkit and a drop-in replacement.


Under Python its an open-source hyperparameter optimization framework.


MIMIC-III: We get to know and guide how a large available database of patients can be exposed by covering unidentified health-related information.


ML Flow: A complete illustration will be provided about how an open-source platform can succeed the ML lifecycle, which includes experimentation, reproducibility, and deployment.

Thus we will cover a wide groups of topics in AI and machine learning by laying out as a great start for learning and contributing to your research field. Practical clarification at a low cost will be furnished. Your AI work is confidential and safe with us so be free.

120+ Innovative artificial intelligence topics

Our experts help the scholars by selecting the right AI topics and make the scholars to build a sound understanding of their AI selected topic by giving them wide-ranging support and improve up their profile.

  • Speed Control of SRM for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence for Identification of Increased Risk of Osteoporosis Development in Postmenopausal Women
  • An Interpretable Artificial Intelligence Model of Chinese Medicine Treatment Based on XGBoost Algorithm
  • Artificial Intelligence based Visual Aid with Live Tracking of Visually Impaired People
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect, Detect and Mitigate Oil and Gas Sectors of KSA from Drones and Missiles Assaults
  • Identification of Grape Leaf Diseases and Insect Pests Based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Research on Computer Artificial Intelligence Ice and Snow Sports Tourism Route Optimization System
  • Artificial Intelligence’s Contribution To Mental Health Education
  • Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence: Evaluation of Legal Challenges and Potential Risk
  • Quantifying Floating Plastic Debris at Sea Using Vessel-Based Optical Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • A Convenient and Reliable Multi-Class Classification Model based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Application of Artificial Intelligence and VR Technology in Clothing Store Display Design
  • Artificial Intelligence Trends Based on the Patents Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Airborne Weapon Combat Identification Simulation Test
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence methods on example of cardiovascular diseases risk stratification
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Systems: State-of-the-Art Survey
  • Ethical Problems of Applying Artificial Intelligence: Medical Intelligent Systems and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence in Adherence of Climate Change Estimation: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Low-Energy Recognition and Counting Device for Cyclists and Pedestrians Based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Forecasting Trends of Tuberculosis in India using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Review on Artificial Intelligence Role in Implementation of Goods and Services Tax(GST) and Future Scope
  • A Study on Medicinal Plant Leaf Recognition Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing: A Systematic Review
  • AiTLAS: Artificial Intelligence Toolbox for Earth Observation
  • Artificial Intelligence Distinguishes COVID-19 from Community Acquired Pneumonia on Chest CT
  • Searching for Exoplanets Using Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery: Applications and Techniques
  • PyTrial: A Comprehensive Platform for Artificial Intelligence for Drug Development
  • Artificial intelligence–enabled rapid diagnosis of patients with COVID-19
  • Artificial Intelligence from Research to Application; the Upper-Rhine Artificial Intelligence Symposium (UR-AI 2019)
  • White paper: ethics and trustworthiness of artificial intelligence in clinical surgery
  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Purchasing Intent in Online Shopping
  • A review of applications of artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine
  • The effect of artificial intelligence usage on human resources management
  • Recent evidence of economic evaluation of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Criminal Procedural Proving
  • Challenges for children’s rights in connection with the development of artificial intelligence
  • Impact of the Role of Artificial Intelligence on Mental Health
  • Legal Means of Providing the Principle of Transparency of the Artificial Intelligence
  • On the use of artificial intelligence methods for solving problems in the oil and gas industry
  • Analysis of Artificial Intelligence regulations for trustworthiness
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Nursing Care: A Systematic Review
  • Student perspectives on the integration of artificial intelligence into healthcare services
  • Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector
  • Future of the Artificial Intelligence: Object of Law or Legal Personality?
  • Technological machines and artificial intelligence in nursing practice
  • A Study on Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
  • Legal and Judicial Dealings with Artificial Intelligence as an Inventor
  • An Analysis of the Feasibility of Artificial Intelligence to Replace Lawyers
  • Application and development of artificial intelligence in environmental health
  • Leverage Emotional and Artificial Intelligences for Employees
  • An ethical pathway for the use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Nursing Care
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Static Formation Temperature Estimation
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence Vision Technology in Chinese Fencing Teaching
  • Artificial Intelligence in Engineering Education in the Case of Self-driving Vehicle Curriculum
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Possibilities and Threats
  • Opportunity of Artificial Intelligence for Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
  • Remodeling Hospitality Industry through Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence as Key Driver for Competitiveness in the Railway Industry: Review
  • Performance of Artificial Intelligence Models in Analysis and Prediction of Water Potability
  • A Review on Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare: Why, How, and When?
  • Health Informatics: Clinical Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence to Support Medicine in the CoViD-19 Pandemic
  • Breakthrough of Clinical Candida Cultures Identification Using the Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds and Artificial Intelligence Methods
  • Science Mapping of Social Media Analytics in Health Through Artificial Intelligence
  • A Study of Optimization Models for Creation of Artificial Intelligence for the Computer Game in the Tower Defense Genre
  • On Translation Technology Education at Chinese Higher Educational Institutions in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  • Review on computer aided diagnosis of pancreatic cancer using Artificial Intelligence System
  • The Application of Artificial Intelligence on the Traceability and Dispersion of Air Pollution
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Predict the Infectious Diseases: Open Challenges and Research Issues
  • Prediction of Higher Heating Value HHV of Date Palm Biomass Fuel using Artificial Intelligence Method
  • Interpretable Hyperspectral Artificial Intelligence: When nonconvex modeling meets hyperspectral remote sensing
  • National Varieties of Artificial Intelligence Discourses: Myth, Utopianism, and Solutionism in West European Policy Expectations.
  • AAM-Gym: Artificial Intelligence Testbed for Advanced Air Mobility
  • An Improved Artificial Intelligence based Service Quality to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Banking Sector
  • Exploration of Online and Offline Media Convergence Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • A Review of Non Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring using Artificial Intelligence based Approaches
  • Lower Limb Exercise Rehabilitation Assessment Based on Artificial Intelligence and Medical Big Data
  • Effectiveness of artificial intelligence, decentralized and distributed systems for prediction and secure channelling for Medical Tourism
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Transformation of Telehealth in the Context of Artificial Intelligence
  • Why Do Retail Customers Adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Autonomous Decision-Making Systems?
  • CADUCEO: A Platform to Support Federated Healthcare Facilities through Artificial Intelligence
  • Missing the Forest for the Trees: End-to-End AI Application Performance in Edge Data Centers
  • Measuring perception towards AI-based chatbots in Insurance Sector
  • Study of Hotel AI Application and Development Trends in 5G Era
  • Explicable AI for surveillance and interpretation of Coronavirus using X-ray imaging
  • Developing a Series of AI Challenges for the United States Department of the Air Force
  • AI Application: Real-time Tracking of a Small Number of Moving Objects by Camera
  • Tunable Non-Volatile Analog Resistive Memory and Its Application in AI
  • Creating AI Characters for Fighting Games Using Genetic Programming
  • Applicability of GPGPU Computing to Real-Time AI Solutions in Games
  • AI and IoT Enabled Technologies for Monitoring the Right to Health of Disabled People
  • Challenges and Inspirations of AI and Related Technologies in Intelligence Analysis
  • AI and Machine Learning Based Classification of Air Quality Index Using COVID-19 Lockdown Period Data
  • Federated learning for AI to improve patient care using wearable and IoMT sensors
  • Personalized Stress Monitoring AI System For Healthcare Workers
  • A Study on Bladder Cancer Detection using AI-based Learning Techniques
  • From cloud AI to embedded AI in cardiac healthcare
  • An AI-based tennis game by application of virtual reality components
  • Artificial Intelligence and its Influence on E-Commerce
  • Legal and Implementation Issues of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Supports the Following Research on the Generation of Subtitles for College English Teaching
  • Research on Network Attack Information Acquisition and Monitoring Method based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Archive Construction Driven by Artificial Intelligence
  • Research and implementation of network attack and defense countermeasure technology based on artificial intelligence technology
  • Artificial Intelligence for Edge Computing Security: A Survey
  • Research on Artificial Intelligence Forecasting Method Integrating Data Mining and Statistical Analysis
  • Cognitive artificial intelligence: Brain-inspired intelligent computation in artificial intelligence
  • Smart Home Trash Can based on Artificial Intelligence Technologies
  • Multi-Level Integration Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Network Technology
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Mechanized Construction of Power Grid Engineering
  • An Efficient Artificial Intelligence based Human-Machine Interaction System
  • The New Development Direction of Artificial Intelligence—Human Cyber Physical Intelligence
  • Research on Application of Education Big Data Integrated with Artificial Intelligence Technology in Teaching Field
  • Research on Frontier Issues of New Generation Artificial Intelligence
  • The application of cognitive artificial intelligence within C4ISR framework for national resilience
  • Artificial Intelligence based Network Intrusion Detection with Hyper-Parameter Optimization Tuning on the Realistic Cyber Dataset CSE-CIC-IDS2018 using Cloud Computing
  • Analysis and Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence in the Internet of Things
  • A Survey of Application of Artificial Intelligence Methods in SDN.

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