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   Cloud Computing Thesis speaks about your overall research work, which you have accomplished in your research duration. This makes thesis very significant past of Research. Cloud computing is an emerging domain, which have great impact in the research field. What is Cloud actually and why it is so significant? Can be a revolving question for many scholars. It is simple to say that cloud [internet based network] is a sharing platform, which provides high computing power, performance, cost effectiveness and also accessibility of resources.

Due to many rising issues in cloud like security, scalability and load balancing, it is major scope for research. We also have provided few major aspects of cloud, for scholars to have an idea about cloud to take up best research concept in cloud.


Key features of Cloud computing:
  • Provides support for on demand service access and also secure cloud hosting
  • It provides broad network access and resource pooling capabilities
  • Added features like Rapid elasticity, measured service, cost effective, agile, device and location independency, enhanced performance and productivity.
  • It provides reliable, scalable and secure solutions
  • Its major feature like Multitenancy[sharing of resource and costs across large pools] allows centralization, improves peak load capacity and efficient utilization of resource.
  • Cloud simulation can be done using iCancloud, CloudSim, Green cloud simulator.
  • Platform support[Windows, CentOS Linux, MAC OS X, SUSE Linux, Solaris, Ubuntu Linux]
  • Programming languages used [Python, Java,, Ruby, XML and SQL]
Software’s and Tools Used

Eclipse Che(Version -4.4):

  • Cloud development IDE


  • Frontend JavaScript and backend-NodeJS framework
  • Based on C++, Python, Perl, Scala and Ruby


  • Supports HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, PHP.
  • It Supported by iOs, Android and blackberry

eXo Cloud IDE:

  • Supports Javascript, Groovy, Ruby and HTML
  • It Supports Java servlets, java server pages, Maven.
  • Deployed by CloudBees, Heroku, Red Hat Openshift, cloud foundry etc.


  • Textmate like IDE used also for web development
  • Storage is provided by Dropbox and also supports C,C++, Python,PHP,Javascript, Python, MySQL, Ruby and also Java

Python Fiddle:

  • It is like JSFiddle used for web development
  • Works as Code editor and code execution environment to run snippets and debug it


  • Java based Eclipse IDE also for desktop application development
  • Uses HTML and Javascript also for web development

Frequently used Algorithms

Service and Infrastructure algorithms:
  • Least connection mechanism
  • Dynamic Round Robin algorithm
  • Weighted Round Robin algorithm
  • First come first serve algorithm
  • Throttled load balancing algorithm
  • Min -Min and Max-Min algorithm
  • Observed algorithm
  • Dynamically reconfigurable routing also for load balancing
  • Opportunistic load balancing algorithm
  • Equally spread current execution load
  • Two phase scheduling also in load balancing algorithm
  • Ant colony optimization also based load balancing algorithm
  • Biased Random sampling load balancing algorithm
  • Honeybee foraging also in load balancing algorithm
  • Most fit task scheduling algorithm
  • Active clustering also load balancing algorithm
Security algorithms in Cloud:
  • RSA algorithm
  • Message Digest algorithm 5
  • Advanced Encryption standard algorithm
  • Triple DES algorithm
  • Blowfish algorithm
  • Twofish algorithm
  • Data encryption standard(DES) algorithm
  • SHA-1 algorithm
  • Homomorphic encryption
Service Broker Algorithms:
  • Performance optimized routing
  • Service Proximity also based Routing
  • Resource location and also cost based performance optimized routing
  • Enhanced Proximity also based Routing Algorithm
GUI in Cloud
Supported by Open Cloud computing Interface[OCCI]
  • Current version- 1.1
  • Uses REST[Representational state transfer] to interact also with web service
Database support
Can use Cloud database in two ways:
  • Run databases on cloud independently also using virtual machine image
  • Access to database services maintained also by cloud database providers
  • Databases are of two types i.e. SQL based or NoSQL data models
Cloud Databases:
  • Garantia data[NoSQL database service also for open source Redis and Memcached ]
  • Google Cloud SQL[Uses MySQL and Google BigQuery]
  • Microsoft Azure[SQL server technology]
  • MongoLab[Uses MongoDB]
  • Rackspace database[NoSQL database-uses container based virtualization]
  • SAP[uses HANA]
  • StormDB[Runs on fully distributed and also relational database]
  • Xeround [tool to deploy MySQL database]
Research scope in Cloud
Areas to work on
  • Cloud in big data Realm
  • Mobile cloud technology
  • Green cloud computing
  • Security in cloud[security aspects]
    •  -Physical security and also data location
    • -Backup and also recovery
    • -Network security
    • -Confidentiality and also integrity
    • -Data portability
    • -Operational compliance

Research applications

  • Energy optimization in cloud
  • Security and also integrity for cloud
  • Load balancing also in cloud computing
  • Virtualization also in cloud
  • Data recovery, segregation, backup and also recovery issues in cloud
  • Multi- tenancy cloud privacy
  • Resource optimization also using scheduling concepts in cloud
  • Cloud cryptography and also secure cloud architecture
  • Key management and also cloud access control
  • Verifiable computation and also trusted computing technology
  • Privacy aware protocol design and also joint security issues in cloud
  • Data segregation security and also Integrity assurance for data outsourcing
  • Security also for virtualized resources
  • Failure management also for failure detection and prediction
  • Security also for cloud data centers
  • Availability, recovery and also auditing services in cloud
  • Secure mobile cloud and also computation outsourcing

     You can also take any one of the research area or application to work on Cloud thesis. If you feel to have more in depth research into each application, you can also approach us for an online session. Our experts will guide you also in the best way to enhance your research performance.