Contiki COOJA Simulator Projects

   Contiki COOJA Simulator Projects takes you to the path of victory and completion of your academic course successfully. Universal accessing of internet and its application is the main theme established on Contiki-COOJA. Internet of Things introduces several groundbreaking advance applications that can be used in daily life. Every concept model in Contiki-COOJA Simulator is motivate by the attentive use of the develop applications.

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   Contiki COOJA Simulator is also a well–study tool and it is experienced by our technical team those have implemented many complex designs. This Contiki is a specially design operating system that is significantly used also for Internet of Things. This Internet of Things is a faster grasping area, since it is being used widely worldwide.

Enrich your knowledge and develop your technical skills by undertaking an excellent idea from Contiki-COOJA Projects.

Our professionals have been in research on this Contiki-COOJA Simulator and also we have summarize the recent promoting concepts in the following.


  • Cloud based IoT designs
  • Intelligent models also using hybrid algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence also for Industrial IoT
  • Multiple services also on IoT
  • Optimization technique also for emerging IoT applications
  • Blockchain applied also on IoT
  • IoT based Smart environment
  • Privacy protection of devices participating also in IoT
  • Beacon security also on IoT devices
  • Forensic detection over any type of IoT environment
  • IoT enabled 5G networks
  • IoT on Wireless Sensor and also Actor Networks
  • Device to Device communication also in IoT
  • Multimedia data transmission

     Contiki COOJA Simulator Projects are also present for students to explore their thoughts in their favorable domain. Our developing team is expert in developing any complex concepts and also we assisting a complete guidance till your viva voce.

Let us give you a gist of most popular areas in Contiki COOJA Simulator Projects

  • Effective monitoring of Sensor nodes also for real–time applications
  • Validation of designed localization protocol also in wireless sensor network
  • Efficient routing in RPL also using Linkage prediction algorithm
  • Dynamic duty cycling in wireless sensor network and also lifetime aware data aggregation protocol
  • Enhanced Dijkstra’s routing also in wireless sensor network
  • Receive Signal Strength Indicator metric also for configuring nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Increased reliability and also privacy on IPv6 networks
  • A novel mobility aware routing protocol design in LLN network also for maximizing network parameters
  • Pervasive secure aware network architecture also in IPv6
  • Large sized data transmission also based on adaptive packet size over IPv6