How to Publish a Paper in Scopus?

Every researcher and scientists want to publish their article in any of the popular and reputed Scopus indexed journal. But, if you are not aware of what is Scopus indexed journal and how to apply for it, don’t worry this article is here to help you out with it. In this article you can learn about Scopus indexed journal and how to search, respond and define the best journal from Scopus, if you don’t have any knowledge about it. Start reading the article and get to know about what Scopus journal is and how to publish your article in it.

Exploring listed Scopus Publications

  • With the help of Scopus you can easily identify the journal to select one which best suits your domain of research from all the journals listed out there in Scopus.
  • There are thousands and hundreds of articles available in a particular domain, in the Scopus journal. It is very difficult to select one from that in the public list of Scopus without the help of Scopus.
  • With the help of Scopus you can find a particular article which you needed for your work by searching with the key information like:
  • Interested subject
  • Specific name of the journal
  • Specific name of the publisher
  • ISSN code
  • By entering all the above details you can find exact article which you are searching for from the Scopus list and which would help you.
  • To find a specific publication from the journal you have to enter the simple details correctly, so that it will help you to find the same more easily.
  • If you are not aware of this search method then you have to spend a lot of time on searching for that one specific journal from all the thousands of journal present in it. You have to go on that field and look for the particular topic which is quite a big work. Scopus can provide you some help even here also.

Detecting Scopus Listed Quality Journal Publication

  • The researchers who publish their paper work in any of the Scopus indexed journal have done it with the main motive of getting credibility for their work from peers and experts of their domain.
  • If you want to make your work reach to more audience then publishing your article in any random journal will not help you with that.
  • You can find the best journal which is more suitable and relevant for your article in your primary field easily.
  • All the publications and journals present in the public list of Scopus are more reliable, credible and will be of high quality.
  • You can consider the following criteria’s when selecting a journal from the publication which is most suitable for your article:
  • The amount of subscribers the journal has
  • The fields and domains in which the journals publishes article
  • Maximum number of scientists work acceptable by the publication
  • The scope of your article when it is published in that journal
  • Reputation and popularity of that journal in specific field

If you have any confusion between selecting an open and close source journal for submitting your research work, remember one thing that the journal which has open access will charge a processing fees when they want to publish your work from authors and also co-authors.

Format your Research Paper According to the Journal’s Instructions

If you have identifies the suitable journal in which you are going to publish your article then now you will get some support and approval which you want:

  1. To grow up from the position in your profession
  2. Build up the competitive spirit as a respectable researcher
  3. The required funding for your research to move forward
  4. Acquire advancement in development and profitable cooperation
  5. Read and understand about the terms and conditions of the publication in which you want to publish your work
  6. To select a best paper take help of the newspapers published in that journal itself and also find about the previous problems arise in the publication, take notes of it.
  7. By following all the process you can get to know about the circumstances and reasons of journal.
  8. It can help you to know about the format of all articles published in that journal
  9. Writing style preferred by the journal
  10. How to make readers attracted to your work by highlighting your research paper
  11. That shows others how much you are dedicated to your work and prove publishers and readers you are one in those who completes all their assigned task well and good
  12. To become a part of that journal you can inform them to time publish the research work done by you.

Uploading your Paper

  • Make sure to submit your paper to the journal by satisfying all the requirements such as style, journal voice and format, in which you are going to publish your journal.
  • By going through the guidelines provided for authors from a particular journal you can understand about the terms and conditions of that specific journal.
  • Check where and how to submit your paper work
  • Find the deadline to submit your work
  • Know about the processing fee if any before submitting
  • And know about any procedural requirements that needed to be submitted
  • That documentation can include:
  • Name
  • Mail address
  • Domain
  • Topic
  • Objective
  • University
  • Almost all the journals which are Scopus indexed prefer online submission of the work of authors and also co-authors.
  • You have to provide all the data in a file type which should be accurate, true and up to date.
  • That is very much important because any false or mismatch information can lead to rejection of your paper by the journal’s advisory committee.
  • Being rejected because of any small mistake in details entered or minor error in information provided will make you re do your work from beginning which takes so much extra resources and time to complete it.

Following the Acceptance from the Publisher

If your paper is accepted by the journal then it will go through a review process before it is published.

  • If your paper meets all the necessary requirements of the journal after verified by the committee then you will get an acceptance notification from the team that your article is accepted by them after reviewing for publishing in their journal.
  • In case your paper got rejected then don’t lose hope, come back again stronger by correcting all the mistakes.

Ownership of Copyrights

Copyright conversion is a very important process before publishing your paper in any journal. Every journal paper has their different law and procedure for issuing copyright.

Proof of Publishing your Paper

After completion of review process and transferring copyright to respective publisher, now your paper will be published in the journal.

  • When your paper is going to be published then you will receive notification regarding it and some additional details like:
  • The problem or issue under which it is published
  • The changes made at last minute if any
  • Many journals used to give time to make their paper high in quality and edit adjustments that is comment period.