How to write synopsis for research paper?

Writing a synopsis for the research paper should be a brief summary consisting of the overview for the main details of the research work.

To write the effective and concise synopsis of the research paper we need to write the general overview of the main concepts and the findings of the research work.

The main concepts that we need to keep in our mind to draft a perfect synopsis for our research paper are mentioned below:

We have to begin our synopsis with the brief concept and explain about the significance of the research paper. We should be aware of writing the original information’s in our research synopsis so that the written information’s should be helpful for the readers of our research synopsis.

We need to write the original data and the important key terms in the research synopsis along with our narrative flow.

The styles that we maintain to write in our research synopsis have to be strongly influenced with the original wording and we need to elaborately write the information’s that we have gathered for our research synopsis.

We have to write concisely with the longer text to demonstrate the main concepts of the research paper in the research synopsis and that should be easily understandable for the readers of our research work.

We have to frame our research synopsis for answering all the questions that is been raised in the minds of the readers of our research work. We have to feel and write about what will the readers be thinking and with all the perspectives of the reader’s we need to structure our research synopsis.

The questions that we need to think and answer with the reader’s perspectives are like:

  1. What is the main purpose of the research process?
  2. What is the aim of the research?
  3. What we are going to discover in our research work?
  4. How we are going to prove the research findings?
  5. What is conducted in the research?
  6. What kind of research that we are conducting?
  7. What are the main concepts that we need to know and be aware about the research paper?
  8. What is the main argument that we do in our research work?
  9. Why is the research important?
  10. What is the line of argument for the research?
  11. How the findings of the research work will be?
  12. What will be the final result of the research process?

In order to write the proper synopsis for the research papers follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Purpose of the research synopsis:

The purpose of the synopsis is to convey the brief summary of the research paper by explaining the main aspects, methodology, objectives and the findings of the research work.

Though we write the research synopsis in a short form the readers of the research synopsis should be able to understand the information that we have mentioned in the research synopsis.

Step 2: Start with the research topic:

First we need to start writing the research synopsis with the topic of the research paper. We have to write the entire topic of the research work clearly.

The research topic should explain the main concept of our research work and must be able to provide a lot of details about the research work.

Step 3: Analyzing the literature:

We have to write about the existing literature related to the topic of our research. The gaps in the existing literature have to be analysed and written about the limitations of the current researches.

We have to bring the importance of our research by comparing our proposed research with the existing research works.

Step 4: Research Methodology:

The method that we have used for conducting the research work is written. We need to mention the research method by including the research design and the data collection method.

We have to write by explaining how this research methodology is providing the sufficient answers to our research questions and we need to write on explaining how this research methodology will provide the result for the research

Step 5: Result of the research:

We need to write about the important findings of the research and provide the detailed summary of the result that we have obtained from the research work.

The research result should commemorate the findings for all the research methodologies that we were following in our research work.

Step 6: Significance of the research:

We have to write the significance of the research by highlighting the advantages that we obtain form the research finding in the research area.

We have to mention the contributions that the research is providing in the existing research field. The applications of our research are also written as the significance of our research.

Step 7: Research Conclusion:

We need to write the main findings of our research paper as the solution for the research synopsis and the conclusion of the research work is written in relevant with the methodologies that we used to conduct our research process.

The conclusion of the research paper should satisfy the readers of our research synopsis and so we need to frame the research synopsis to fulfill the reader by providing sufficient data in the conclusion regarding the result of our research.

Step 8: Convey clear data:

We need to convey the writing of information in a clear and neat format with the easily understandable language so as to write the data that should be easily understandable by the readers.

Step 9:  Formatting and styling of the data:

We must ensure to format the research paper with the style based on the journal requirement and write the research paper in a standard format so as to bring the worthy research paper for the journal publication.

Step 10: Review and revising:

We have to check for the accurate information and keep on having the glance in our research paper so as to revise the concepts that we have written in our research paper.

The research synopsis is written with all the perfect information if we follow steps discussed.