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Got to write my entire Master’s Thesis in under a week, 20,000 words, I’ve written 5,000 words in a night before but I’m so scared. Can I pull this off

The above stated is the mostly argued in a Master’s thesis. Here is how we tackles it by our work ethics.

Here are some tips to help you focus your efforts:

Scheduling and Time Management:

  • Divide and Conquer: We split thesis into smaller segments or chapters and allocate a specific word count and time slot to each.
  • Prioritize: One must focus on the units that you’re familiar with as it will give you a start and gains up your confidence.
  • Schedule: A detailed timetable based on our writing will be created, which includes breaks to review.


  • Start Writing: Start with a different section if you are hooked with introduction where one can come back later.
  • Don’t Edit as you Write: We must focus on getting our own ideas at first; so that we can refine them later.
  • Utilize Writing Tools: To improve writing speed, we can make use of text-to-speech software. Software like Zotero or Mendeley to handle references are also considered.


  • Lean on Existing Work: We must assure that we have relevant literature, theories, and methodologies it must be readily available.
  • Synthesize as You Go: Other than just summarizing other works we must aim to synthesize the information you’re presenting in case we may not have time for deep analysis.
  • Primary Data: One must focus what can realistically accomplished with secondary data or existing materials in case if primary data is not collected.

Review and Edit:

  • Iterative Review: A quick review and spell-check must be done after each section.
  • Peer Review: To get immediate feedback someone else must review sections as it is priceless.
  • Final Polish: The last day is for a review, formatting, and final touches.


Regularly Save: Save your work regularly

Master Thesis Projects in Artificial Intelligence

Master Thesis artificial intelligence project topics and Ideas

Our thesis examples stand as a unique contribution in the proposed field. Similarly, we do suggest thesis writing domain for research scholars. We also assist in doing master’s thesis for scholars at various levels, across many research areas in globe.  We are well known among scholars for our work perfectness while plagiarism free paper will be offered. Some of the hot topics that we have worked are listed below

  1. Towards A Methodological Framework for Production-ready AI-based Software Components
  2. Personas for Artificial Intelligence (AI) an Open-Source Toolbox
  3. New Approach to Human AI Interaction to Address Digital Divide& AI divide: Creating an Interactive AI platform to Connect Teachers & Students
  4. AI Computing Comes to Memory Chips: Samsung will double performance of neural nets with processing-in-memory
  5. A Real-Time Reconfigurable AI Processor Based on FPGA
  6. A Technical Overview of Cortex-M55 and Ethos-U55: Arm’s Most Capable Processors for Endpoint AI
  7. Participatory AI: Reducing AI Bias and Developing Socially Responsible AI in Smart Cities
  8. Experimental Design for Multi-task Deep Learning toward Intelligence Augmented Visual AI
  9. AI Methodologies in Upcoming Modern Warfare Systems
  10. Data Collection and Utilization Framework for Edge AI Applications
  11. Applications of AI in classical software engineering
  12. Exploring the challenge of early gastric cancer diagnostic AI system face in multiple centers and its potential solutions
  14. Vision-based Parking Occupation Detecting with Embedded AI Processor
  15. AVA: A Photorealistic AI Bot for Human-like Interaction and Extended Reality
  16. Invited Talk Abstract: Challenges and Solutions for Embedding Vision AI
  17. Smart DC: An AI and Digital Twin-based Energy-Saving Solution for Data Centers
  18. Designing Efficient and High-Performance AI Accelerators with Customized STT-MRAM
  19. Impact of Conventional and AI-based Image Coding on AI-based Face Recognition Performance
  20. A Deep Learning Methodology to Detect Trojaned AI-based DDoS Defend Model