Medical Supply Traceability Research Topics

Medical Supply Traceability Research Topics is the topic that is used to track and trace the medical supply over the complete supply chain. It is about to produce and deliver the medical related supplies. It is now being widely used in many of the technologies. Here we provide the details that are related to this proposed medical supply based traceability technique.

  1. Define Medical Supply based Traceability

Initially we begin with the definition for this proposed medical supply based traceability technique. It defines the capacity to monitor and locate medical supplies over the whole supply chain, from the manufacturing to supply to consumption. It contains recording and documenting the brief details about every step of the supply chain procedure, like the origin of the supplies, their movement among various facilities, expiration dates, any handling or transportation events and storage conditions.

  1. What is Medical Supply based Traceability?

There after the definition we see the in-depth description for this proposed technique. It is the systematic procedure of monitoring and locating medical supplies from the production to consumption, containing the utilization of tools such as RFID and barcodes to individually find the items and seizure the data on their handling, storage and movement. This permits the investors to observe the supply chain in actual-time, sustain brief records for traceability, quickly finds problems such as quality defects or recalls, and makes sure dependability with conditions, finally improving the patient protection and supply chain efficacy in the healthcare sector.

  1. Where Medical Supply based Traceability used?

Next to the in-depth description we converse where to utilize this medical supply traceability technique. It is widely employed in clinical research organizations, hospitals, distribution networks, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, global health initiatives and regulatory agencies to monitor the movement of medical supplies, make sure the regulatory dependence, optimizing inventory management, and protecting the patient safety by tracing the quality, authenticity and integrity of supplies over the whole supply chain.

  1. Why Medical Supply based Traceability technology proposed? , previous technology issues

Here we proposed the medical supply traceability; the primary issues will be utilizing the blockchain technology in creative healthcare enabled medical supply based traceability consists of problems in each user latency limitations on the basis of authentication, issues can be high gas consumption and will not be effective to procedure, connection among the nodes for finding and validating problems, restriction based storage and cost, limitations on the basis of decision making and issues will be routing on the basis of transportation cost and will not be update officially on databases. Some of the existing technology issues are Node connectivity issues, Latency issue, Transportation route cost limitation, security constraints and decision making problem.

  1. Algorithms / protocols

In this research the medical supply based traceability is proposed in this research and it overcomes several previous technology issues by using these novel methods. The methods that we utilized for this research are Ethereum based Generic framework with Proof-of-Authority (EGF-PoA), Hyperledger Fabric with Proof-of-stake, Hybrid Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and Robust Multi-Objective Optimization with Fuzzy Aczel-Alsina-based Decision-Making (MCDM-RMOO-FAADM), Supersingular Isogeny and Hosmer-Lemeshow Logistic Regression (SI-HLLR) and Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window and Robust Optimization based Fuzzy Bi-Objective Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (VRPTW-RO-FBOMILP).

  1. Comparative study / Analysis

We propose a medical supply based traceability technique and this overcomes some of the previous technology issues to overcome that. The methods that we compared for analysis are:

  • At the initial stage each user will be authenticated by using the SI-HLLR technique and technique will be very effective to identify and evaluate a block.
  • A blockchain based healthcare medical supply chain for smart contract production by employing the Hyperledger Fabric with Proof-of-Stake method and this is increasingly secure to preserve and cost to decrease gas consumption and increase effectiveness.
  • Using MCDM-RMOO-FAADM method will make a decision on resilient supplier selection and order allocation will be divided to make a decision.
  • Routing will be done by using the method VRPTW-RO-FBOMILP technique and it is very efficient to allocate the medical products to the terminal place and it will decrease transportation costs.
  • By using the EGF-PoA method will be evaluated and the nodes identities will be established before they connect a network.
  1. Simulation results / Parameters

Medical supply traceability is proposed in this research and this can utilize various algorithms by obtaining the better findings and here we provide some metrics to improve its result are authentication time (ms), data integrity (%), latency (ms) and Authentication accuracy (%) with the Number of products and the Time (sec) with Number of transaction and the TPS with Number of concurrent request.

  1. Dataset LINKS / Important URL

Now we provide some important links that are useful when we have to interpret the concept or details about our proposed research on the basis of medical supply traceability technique.

  1. Medical Supply based Traceability Applications

For our proposed research the applications that come across a range of tools and technologies positioned along the healthcare sector. These applications contains block chain technology for protective and immutable record-keeping, data analytics framework for understandings into inventory management and regulatory compliance, barcode and RFID tagging systems for product verification, track-and-trace software for real-time monitoring of supply chain logistics and Electronic data Interchange (EDI) for seamless information transaction among investors. Such applications improve efficiency, safety and transparency over the medical supply chain, allowing investors to monitor the journey of supplies, ensure compliance with regulations, ultimately enhance patient findings and mitigate risks.

  1. Topology for Medical Supply based Traceability

The topology for this proposed technique minimizes the latency problems on decision making problems, transportation route cost limitation, authentication phase, node connectivity issue and security constraints. This research will enhance authentication time, data integrity, authentication accuracy and latency.

  1. Environment for Medical Supply based Traceability

Let’s see the environment for this blockchain technology in creative healthcare-enabled medical supply-based traceability; organizations will generate an effective and trustworthy working environment, making sure the quality, safety authenticity and quality of medical supplies on improving the patient results and monitoring dependability.

  1. Simulation tools

In this the medical supply traceability technique is proposed in this research and is implemented by utilizing the following simulation tool or the software requirements. The developmental tool here we used for this research is Python 3.11.4. Then the processor here employed is Intel(R) core™ i5 -4590S CPU@3.00GHZ. Then the operating system that used to execute the work is windows 10 (64 – bits).

  1. Results

The medical supply traceability technology is proposed in this research and it has some existing technology issues that are overcome by using the novel methods. Then the research is compared with some of the performance metrics with existing technologies and then validates that our proposed research gives the best outcome. Then the research is evaluated by using the operating system windows 10 – (64 – bits).

Medical Supply based Traceability Research Ideas:

Below we offered are the research topics that are based on medical supply traceability technology. These topics give some information about medical supply traceability like concepts, uses, application and some other details related to our proposed research.

  1. Optimizing Supplier Selection and Order Allocation for Medical Supplies: A Mixed Integer Linear Approach
  2. Requirements for the Power Supply of Medical Equipment and the Application of Technical Protective Measures
  3. Blockchain-Based Decentralized Digital Manufacturing and Supply for COVID-19 Medical Devices and Supplies
  4. Blockchain-Based Forward Supply Chain and Waste Management for COVID-19 Medical Equipment and Supplies
  5. A Blockchain-Based Solution for Mitigating Overproduction and Underconsumption of Medical Supplies
  6. Digitalization Initiatives of Home Care Medical Supply Chain: A Case-Study-Based Approach
  7. Feasibility of Multi-Configuration Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Last Mile Delivery of Medical Supplies
  8. Pre-determined Package Sizes and Large Neighborhood Search Approach for Medical Supplies Vehicle Routing Problem of Primary Care System in Thailand
  9. Social Sustainability-Oriented Multi-Period Medical Supply Adjustment in Response to Disasters
  10. Multi-Objective Optimization for Medical Supplies Storage and Distribution in Disaster Management
  11. Efficient & safety oriented environment perception of medical supplies delivery robots
  12. Efficient Medical Supply Chain Forecasting Using Time Series Analysis
  13. Design of an Optimal Stand Alone Hybrid Renewable Energy System with storage for supplying Medical Facilities in Tanzania
  14. A dynamics model of the emergency medical supply chain in epidemic considering deprivation cost
  15. Exploring the spatial spillover effects of climate change on the supply of medical and health services: Evidence from China
  16. Coordinating an emergency medical material supply chain with CVaR under the pandemic considering corporate social responsibility
  17. Modeling the medical and wellness tourism supply chain for enhanced profitability: An open innovation approach
  18. Fairness-aware large-scale collective opinion generation paradigm: A case study of evaluating blockchain adoption barriers in medical supply chain
  19. Data-driven analysis of digital entrepreneurship in medical supply resilience confronting the COVID-19 epidemic
  20. An optimization-based methodology equipped with lean tools to strengthen medical supply chain resilience during a pandemic: A case study from Turkey
  21. Medical Supply Shortages—We Are Part of the Problem … and Solution
  22. Green and reliable medical device supply chain network design under deep dynamic uncertainty: A novel approach in the context of COVID-19 outbreak
  23. MedUAV: Drone-based Emergency Medical Supply System using Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
  24. Barriers to sustainability in humanitarian medical supply chains
  25. Contingency planning for health care worker masks in case of medical supply chain failure: Lessons learned in novel mask manufacturing from COVID-19 pandemic
  26. Energy demand supply of small-scale medical centers in epidemic conditions of Covid-19 with hybrid renewable resources
  27. An integrated sustainable medical supply chain network during COVID-19
  28. Digital Stockpiling: An Innovative Strategy for Preparedness and Medical Supply Chain Resilience
  29. Government strategies to secure the supply of medical products in pandemic times
  30. Medical supply chain integrated with blockchain and IoT to track the logistics of medical products
  31. Medical providers’ supply curve in a universal healthcare system with global budgeting
  32. Location Decision of Emergency Medical Supply Distribution Centers Under Uncertain Environment
  33. A fuzzy sustainable model for COVID-19 medical waste supply chain network
  34. Towards a Feminist Geo-legal Ethic of Caring Within Medical Supply Chains: Lessons from Careless Supply During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  35. Supplier selection and capacity allocation in medical tourism service supply chain
  36. The impacts of urban–rural integrated medical insurance on the quality of labor supply for migrant workers in China
  37. Application of medical supply inventory model based on deep learning and big data
  38. A Stochastic Nash Equilibrium Problem for Medical Supply Competition
  39. Stochastic Optimization Model for Ordering and Distribution of Emergency Medical Supplies Considering the Demand Uncertainty
  40. Drug traceability and transparency in medical supply chain using blockchain for easing the process and creating trust between stakeholders and consumers
  41. Multi-mitigation strategies in medical supplies for epidemic outbreaks
  42. Deep reinforcement learning based medical supplies dispatching model for major infectious diseases: Case study of COVID-19
  43. Improving Medical Supply Chain Disruption Management with the Blockchain Technology
  44. The home bias in procurement. Cross-border procurement of medical supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  45. Effectiveness of prime vendor system on availability of medicines and medical supplies in the selected public health facilities in Arusha district council
  46. Global supply and demand of medical goods in the fight against Covid-19: a network analysis
  47. Do drones have a realistic place in a pandemic fight for delivering medical supplies in healthcare systems problems?
  48. The use of drones for the delivery of diagnostic test kits and medical supplies to remote First Nations communities during Covid-19
  49. A bi-objective optimization model for the medical supplies’ simultaneous pickup and delivery with drones
  50. A multicountry, multicommodity stochastic game theory network model of competition for medical supplies inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic