Natural Language Processing Projects, is one of our novel services started with the initiatives of renowned experts and top researchers from all over the world in a Nobel motive to serve the students with our vast knowledge ocean and expertise. It is one of the emerging fields for research due to its vast applications and research scope. Google language translator and native language surfing is one of the major applications of NLP.

This NLP is also a way to interact computer with natural [Human] languages. Machine learning is an underlying domain of NLP, which makes it a blooming area for research. We also offer complete support for Natural language processing projects with the help of our renowned researchers and experts. Also, We have nearly 100+ skilled experts working on various research issues of natural language processing and have developed 1000+ NLP projects. Our project guidance involves a pre-training session on tools, techniques and also languages used in NLP along with topic assistance service.

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  • NLP is a field of artificial intelligence and computational linguistic used to build and design computer system, which can analyze, generate and understand natural human languages.
  • It is also concerned with computers and human [natural] languages i.e. it is based on human computer interface.
  • Two major challenges of NLP are: Natural language understanding and also natural language generation.
  • Major tasks performed by NLP:
    • -Coreference resolution and Automatic summarization
    • -Machine translation and discourse analysis
    • -Named Entity recognition
    • -Natural language generation and also understanding
    • -Optical Character recognition
    • -Morphological segmentation
    • -Part of Speech tagging and also parsing
    • -Relationship extraction
    • -Sentiment analysis and breaking
    • -Speech segmentation and also recognition
    • -Topic recognition and segmentation
    • -Word sense disambiguation and also word segmentation
    • -Speech processing [text to speech conversion]
    • -Deep analytics
    • -Text simplification and also proofing
    • -Native language identification
    • -Stemming
    • -Query expansion and also truecasing
  • Applications of NLP can be divided as:
  • Text based applications[searching keyword also in database/large systems]
  • Dialogue based applications[Voice controlled machines, teaching system etc]
  • Other major applications:
    • -Automated essay scoring
    • -Information retrieval and extraction[using named entity recognition, relationship extraction , also in coreference resolution]
    • -Natural language search
    • -Language translation
    • -Spoken language control systems
    • -Database access
    • -Grammar and spelling checkers
    • -Plagiarism detection
  • Spell checker[Soundex, Edit distance]
  • For parsing[CKY algorithm, Chart parsing algorithms]
  • Document classification[Navie bayes, SVM]
  • Topic modeling and keyword extraction[Latent dirichlet allocation, latent semantic analysis]
  • For Named entity extraction and also chunking, POS tagging[HMM, CRF++]
  • Anaphora Resolution[Lippin and also Leass algorithm, Hobbs Algorithm, centering theory]
  • For Word Alignment also in Machine translation[Maxent]
  • Analysis Techniques involved in NLP:
    • -Pattern matching[Used to interpret the input utterances also for language interpretation]
    • -Semantic Grammars
    • -Syntactically driven parsing[Interpretation of larger groups of words based on the interpretation of their syntactic constituent phrases/words]
    • -Case frame instantiation
  • Corpora
  • Apache OpenNLP
  • Standford NLP
  • JGibbLDA-v1.0
  • Apache Lucene Core
  • Snowball
  • ScalaNLP
  • GATE-8.1
  • Natural Language Toolkit
  • DMAP and  also ETAP-3
  • Maluuba
  • Never ending language learning
  • Regulus Grammer compiler
  • Speaktoit
  • CMU Sphin
  • Festival speech synthesis system
  • Natural language processing toolkit:
    • -Deeplearning4j[Java and scala]
    • -Apertium[Java and C++]
    • -Distinguo[C++]
    • -DELPH-IN[C++, LISP]
    • -Gensim[Python based]
    • -Mallet[Java]
    • -LinguaStream[Java]
    • -MontyLingua[Java and python]
    • -Modular Audio recognition framework[Java]
    • -Natural language toolkit[also in python]


  • Natural language processing and also Computer vision
  • Opinion mining and also sentiment analysis
  • Speech processing also using linguistic rules
  • Use of rule also based approach or statistical approach
  • Deep linguistic processing
  • Computer assisted reviewing
  • Biomedical text mining
  • Controlled natural language
  • Computational linguistic and also POST problems
  • Text correction and also identification
  • Machine translation also based issues
  • Efficient Information extraction techniques
  • Issues with Natural language understanding and also generation
  • Natural language user interfaces
  • Extraction of actionable intelligence also from social media
  • Topic modeling also in Web data
  • Text processing chain enhancement also using semantic role labeling, coreference resolution, spatial expressions recognition etc
  • Spatiotemporal anchoring of events and also fact recognition
  • Detection of reuse and also anomaly
  • Architectures and also language resources for NLP
  • Human computer dialogue systems
  • Word sense disambiguation
  • Semantics of time and also events
  • NLP also with artificial intelligence

       Hope you would also have got an idea about Natural language processing projects. We also have provided an overview of NLP along with its few major research areas for students to get a better insight about NLP projects. Our experts are also available for your service at 24/7 through our online guidance service. Approach us anytime to aid our project service and also guidance.


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