Network Security Projects

    Network Security Projects is one of our major services offer for final year Engineering students and scholars interest in this area. The idea of Networking has introduce to use communication via different objects; this concept is known as Internet of Things. Also Internet of Things in Networks is a wide infrastructure which supports with the exchange of a huge amount of sensitive data. Connecting people via different objects over the internet is also enable to be integrate with many other infrastructures.

Qualified Project Output reflects over final academic grade!

    Network-Security Projects strengthens also a candidate’s typical ideas to identify future security requirements. We also provide implementation on different simulators and emulators, also more importance for your suggestions in deciding implementation tool is given. Our goal is also 100% satisfaction of each student. Till now we are also credit by 5000+ happy customers for Network Security Projects.


Manual Authentication – This is perform by the end user itself. For this authentication, any security algorithm is also fed into one’s device for authenticating the other.

Third Party authentication – This includes deployment of a special entity for authentication purpose, also this entitymaintains the information of devices which is require also to authenticate a particular device.


  • Smart home environment
  • Health care Systems
  • Agriculture Management
  • WiFi Networks
  • 3G / 4G / LTE / 5G Networks
  • Transportation Services
  • Online Purchases
  • Integrate also with Fog Computing
  • Integrate with WiFi, Edge Computing and also Software Defined Networks


  • Detection of Denial of Service attacks
  • Forensic Techniques
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention system
  • Cyber Crime detection
  • Security Virtualization Techniques
  • Malware identification
  • Attack–resilience methods
  • Distributed Security
  • Secure channel assignment
  • Authentication techniques
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Lightweight Cryptography
  • Biometric modalities
  • Security based Routing
  • Anomaly detection / Vulnerability detection
  • Cryptography also based Hardware development
  • Trust Management
  • Multimedia data privacy

   We also have list our latest experience in the field of Network Security which is prominently worked by our team. Challenges in Network Security are broken by the novel design of our technical team those are also highly experience in this research life. Students approaching us will be provide with complete guidance about the Network Security Projects.

Newest areas in Network-Security-Projects

  • Development of Semantic Ontology and also user defined rules for ensuring network security over Internet of Things.
  • Design of smart Parking Management system in IoT by combining with Wireless Sensor Networks and also Radio Frequency Identification.
  • Providing Security in IoT for Machine to Machine Communication using AKA protocols supported also for Group of users in Long Term Evolution Networks.
  • 5G supported Internet of Things also for performing Service oriented authentication based on Network Slicing.
  • Anonymous Access is proposed also in a Novel architecture of Internet of Things.
  • Achieving privacy over the collected data also in Healthcare Systems designed based on Internet of Things environment.
  • A smart home environment designed to attain security also by involving traffic analysis.
  • A novel Generic network designed also with Internet of Things for user authentication and Key Management.
  • Lightweight Multi–level Security also in peer aware communications aided by Internet of Things.

    Network Projects are also not limited to this, it also includes other conventional concepts. Students are gratified by our delivery of additional requirements as Project abstract, Base Paper, Implementation Plan, Project Presentations, Assistances for Reviews, Technical clarifications,Source code, Execution Procedure, Demo Video, also Screenshots, Reports and Project Completion Letter. If interest, the students are also afford with Innovative ideas, Future enhancements and Use alternate algorithms in Security Projects. We also offer students with Projects in other domains by our Enriched Research and Developing team.

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