Networking Projects

    Networking Projects is one of our major service provided for students pursuing their final year degree and pursuing PhD Doctorates. Project is developed to prove individual’s talent in particular area by proper planning and designing.

Usually projects for communication used the design of Traditional Networks which increased the network complexity due to the involvement of massive number of user devices. The design of traditional network is replaced with Software Defined Network based on decoupled Control plane and Data Plane.

Networking for Students and PhD Research Scholars

     Networking Projects creates its impact over advanced developments in real–world communication.  Our team has experienced in Software Defined Network using different tools as Network Simulator 3, OMNeT++, OFNet, EstiNet, Mininet and others. Mininet is a special Emulator designed to implement Software Defined Networking Project concepts. Our developing team has tested Complex topologies of Software Defined Network using Mininet. Faster service provisioning and adaptability of novel algorithmic procedures are the major reason to prefer Software Defined Network. Struggling to work for your project, then just contact us to design your best Projects in Software Defined Network environment. Recent research works in Software Defined Network have integrated also with many other networks and domains.

Projects for Software Defined Network Integrated with,

  • Wireless Acoustic also in Networking
  • Mobile Edge also in Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Vehicular Networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Data center Networks
  • Underwater Acoustic also in Networking
  • Fog Networks
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Big data Analytics
  • Content Centric also  in Network
  • 5G Networks
  • Long Term Evolution Networks

   Networking is also supported to define the role of communication and significance of advanced technologies. We also illustrate each candidate with the technical relationship of proposed project and its real-time requirements. From our experience we also provide recent ideas implemented by our team in Software Defined Networks also using different controllers and integrated domains.


  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
  • Data Offloading
  • Task Offloading
  • MAC protocol design
  • Big Data Management
  • Load Balancing Mechanisms
  • Defeating attacks
  • Flow scheduling
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention System
  • Resource management
  • Blockchain process
  • Cyber Security
  • Molecular Communication
  • Green Communication


  • Management of Big Data over Multiple Cloud Data Centers also based on the design of Software Defined Network.
  • Efficient secure by Cluster Management also in Control Plane under Big Data with Software Defined Network.
  • Detection of Vulnerable attackers participating also in Cloud based Software Defined Network.
  • Cloud Applications supported also in Software Defined Network by ensuring Quality of Service.
  • Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach also in Mobile Edge Computing based Software Defined Network for smart applications.
  • Incoming Flow Management also using Intelligent Decision Making Algorithms in Big Data based Software Defined Network.
  • Fog Computing with Software Defined Network also for efficient mobility support.
  • Reduction of access delay also based on the performance of optimal cloudlet allocation in Software Defined Network Based Internet of Things.
  • Novel design of Mobile Edge Computing also in 5G integrated with Software Defined Network.
  • A design of Green Communication also in 5G using energy harvesting concept in Software Defined Network.
  • Software Defined Network integrated also with Ultra Dense 5G Networks for Handover Management in the environment.
  • Traffic Flow based Scheduling and also Routing performance in Software Defined Network.
  • Novel and also efficient Blockchain based security in Internet of Things using Software Defined fog nodes.

      Networking include also all core networks and combination of two or more networks for multiple purposes. Exclusive ideas on Projects are modeled and also delivered by our professionals those are being under research also in this area for long period. Apart from Project works, we also strongly support research scholars also with Proposal Writing, Paper Writing and Paper Publication.

Ring up our Team for your Net-working and explore future world with your own novel technology.