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  • Discrete event simulator used to provide simulation environment also for networking research
  • NS3 is built using C++ and Optionally Python can also be used as an interface
  • It also has revolved to solve the problem present in NS2 and it is built from scratch
  • As compared to NS2, NS3 requires knowledge of only C++ whereas also NS2 is a bi-language system which makes debugging complex
  • NS3 can be used to integrate with real networks as it can also be used as Emulator
  • Uses Virtualization scheme also to drive real time simulation features
  • Mainly used for research and also educational purpose
  • It works on Linux, FreeBSD, MAC OS X and also Windows
  • Modules in NS3[aodv, bridge, click, config-store, csma, core, dsdv,flow monitor, also LTE, Mesh, Internet, Mobility, Netanim,ns3tcp, nix-vector-routing,openflow,ns3wifi,wimax etc]
  • Supports GUI using NetAnim and also ns-3 topology generator
  • Provides database operation also using SQLite3
  • It lacks standard IDE [Integrated development environment]
  • Use configuration management to configure the default and also per-instance values of simulation parameters
  • Emphasizes on software reuse also using its direct execution environment support
  • Provides support also for call driven events and connections


  • Weighting depth and forwarding area division DBR Routing protocol
  • Scalable bloom filters
  • Homomorphic encryption
Ns3 downlink scheduling algorithms:
  • Proportional fair maximum throughput scheduler
  • Round Robin scheduling
  • Token bank fair queue scheduler
  • Blind equal throughput scheduler
  • Throughput also to average scheduler
  • Priority set scheduler
Clustering Algorithms:
  • Mobility based d-hop clustering also in algorithm
  • Least cluster change algorithm
  • Lowest ID cluster algorithm
  • Max-Min d-cluster formation also in  algorithm
  • Adaptive cluster load balance method
  • K-hop connectivity ID clustering algorithm
  • Mobility based Metric also for clustering
  • Adaptive multihop Clustering
  • Load balancing clustering
  • 3-hop between adjacent cluster heads
  • Adaptive clustering also for mobile wireless network
  • Vote based also  in clustering algorithm
  • Entropy based weighted clustering algorithm
  • Passive clustering
  • Weight based adaptive also  in clustering algorithm
  • Weighted Clustering algorithm
Routing protocols[for security]:
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Security aware Ad-hoc Routing
  • IP Level security
  • Secure Routing protocol
  • Secure link state Routing protocol
  • Security protocol for Reliable Data delivery
  • Watchdog and also Pathrater
  • Secure Ad hoc On-demand Distance vector Routing
  • On-demand secure Routing protocol
Vertical Handover Decision Algorithm:
  • Bandwidth also based algorithm
  • RSS also based algorithms
  • Combination algorithms
  • Cost function also based algorithms
  • Authentication also based Algorithm
  • Multiple attributes Decision Making also based Algorithm
Spectrum sensing Techniques:
  • Matched filter detection
  • Non-Cooperative also  in detection
  • Cyclostationary feature also in detection
  • Energy detection
  • Cooperative or collaborative detection


  • WebRTC over LTE
  • Named Data Networking
  • Efficient content delivery also using CCN in Ad-hoc networks
  • Reliable data aggregation methodology
  • Smart Grid communication
  • Car2X-Systems over LTE
  • Integration of heterogeneous wireless networks, Distributed Cloud and IOT devices also for CTTC 5G platform
  • WLAN also based M2M communication
  • Maximum utility scheduling in Drive through internet also for Multimedia transmission
  • Self organized back pressure routing protocol also in wireless mesh networks

    We have provided an overview about the major concepts and research areas for NS3. This would give you, a startup idea for your NS Simulator 3 Projects. If you feel to work on your own newfangled approach or idea, it’s our pleasured to work for you.