Opnet Network Simulator is used to simulate the performance and behavior of any network. It stands better than other simulators in terms of its power and versatility. Network simulator [Packet level -event based network] supports simulation of wireless and fixed networks. It is widely used as a research tool or a network analysis tool, which is the reason for its widespread usage. Consequently, We have highly skilled and talented developers working with OPNET based projects and research works for providing research guidance for budding scholars.

We also provide online guidance and tutoring for research scholars to enlighten their research work with novel and innovative ideas. Also, We feel to impart our immense knowledge to the budding students, as the more knowledge we share, more we gain. Mine best and novel ideas for your projects and research work with the help of our top experts. Let’s also have a glance over the highlights of Opnet-Network.


Key features of OPNET:
  • Provides support for building models, execution of simulation and also analysis of output result.
  • Hierarchical structure of modeling
  • Provide Detailed library of models [supports existing protocols and either adds or modify models or develop new models]
  • It can also be compiled into executable code
  • Three major tools: Model development tool, simulation execution tool and also results analysis tool.
  • Discrete event simulation engine also with object oriented modeling
Platform and Programming language support:
  • Platform support[Sun Solaris, Microsoft windows, also Red Hat Linux]
  • Main programming language[C]- Extension: .c,.h
  • Recent version supports C++[.cc,.cpp,.cxx,.c++,.h,.hh,.hpp,.h++,.hxx]

OPNET Modules and Libraries

Opnet Modules includes:
  • Radio and terrain modeling[modeling wireless networks]
  • Application characterization environment[for analysis, diagnosis and also simulation]
  • Multi vendor import support
  • Expert service prediction[to define and compliance testing of SLA]
  • ERP Network Guru for SAP R/3[Panning and also analysis of SAP application deployments]
OPNET Model Libraries
  • Latest version- OPNET Model Library 17.5
  • Developed and also maintained using OPNET Modeler
  • Simulates the essential characteristics of actual network components
  • Represents the behavior of communication protocols, applications and also network technologies.

Framework and interface support

Opnet interface with:
  • Matlab[uses the mathematical functions of Matlab]
  • System in the Loop[SITL]- used to provide an interface to connect also with live network hardware or software applications
Framework Details:
WiMax- RBDS- Sim
  • Simulation framework for IEEE 802.16 Mesh networks
  • Evaluates the reservation also based scheduling policies at MAC layer
GUI and Database support:
  • Databases support[Oracle, SQL, Server, DB2/UDB, Teradata, Sybase, Informix etc]
  • Opnet APPSQL XPERT[Used also for database logging, optimization and auditing]
  • Customized GUI support which presents options to users like new project model, node model and also process model.

Tools and Plugins Used

Opnet-Modeler Suite[Riverbed Modeler]
  • Models all the network types and also technologies[VoIP, TCP, MPLS, Ipv6,OSPFv3 etc]
OPNET AppInternals Xpert[Steel Central AppInternals]
  • Monitors the applications on and also off the cloud seamlessly
  • Improves application performance and also optimizes user experience
OPNET-NetMapper[Steel Central Net Auditor]
  • It provides network maps and diagrams, which provides support for network troubleshooting, also audit reporting etc
Opnet AppResponse Xpert[Steel Central AppResponse]
  • Provides network also based APM
OPNET-Sentinel[Steel Central NetAuditor]
  • It was formally known OPNET NetMapper, also OPNET Sentinel
OPNET VNE Server[Steel Central Net collector]
  • Network data management solution also for network topology, traffic , configuration and events.
OPNET-Net Planner[Steel Central NetPlanner]
  • Supports to plan and also design multi technology and also multi vendor networks
OPNET AppSensor Xpert[Steel Central Netsensor]
  • Captures data from servers, application components, storage systems and also network devices to analyze how all this components affects the performance of Network
OPNET-AppTransaction Xpert[Steelcentral Transaction Analyzer]
  • Tracks the user transactions also throughout the application infrastructure and trouble shoot application problems also in production.

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