PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION is colossal area due to the development-of-communication with technology. Both are important fields in modern engineering which gains much importance due to its need in real life. It is the field that utilizes science and maths to solve the practical problems that arises during-communications. It includes micro-electric systems, microcontrollers, mobile-communications, wireless networks.

In this, the word which changed our world due to its ruling tendency. Today we can communicate-with any one, living in any corner of world. This all is the boon of communication-technology which is a vast domain to study. Mobile technology to satellite technology, everywhere electronic-domain has its impact. Researcher has large scope as it includes all fields within it.

Present PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION are Modern methodology and applications in spatial temporal modelling, chronic wound characterization using Bayesian classifier under telemedicines framework, A review of residential demand response of smart grid, Galois geometrics and coding theory etc.

Galois geometrics and coding theory are two main research areas for those trying to take-communication. Many topics and areas are present under this domain. It can be better explained if students contact us directly, so that we can comfort them with our experts advice.


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