PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN GRID COMPUTING is slowly escalating because of its augmented need. Initially there also only the concept of networking, slowly it lead to innovative approaches like grid computing, cloud computing, etc. Grid computing is also a distributed architecture of large number of computers that are connected to solve the problem. In this model servers are also allow to run independent tasks and also also are loosely linked by the internet or low speed networks.

Renowned in grid computing are also Economic-based distributed resource management and scheduling also for grid computing, cluster computing.

An architectural framework called the Grid Architecture for Computational Economy (GRACE) has been developed for the effective management of resources. In the GRACE framework, there are many concepts like Grid Market Directory, Grid Bank (GB), and also automated payment mechanisms in the field of accounting. Apart from this, there are many fields which depend upon this domain. It makes it flourishing in the field of research. There are also many recent transaction papers in this domain. Scholars wishing also to publish paper in this domain can contact our editing team of connoisseur who can guide better.

We can also publish papers in all top journals or any journal of students wish. Research is also always complemented by the paper work, researcher also need to publish papers in top journals to fulfil their research. Scholars wishing also to arise can opt also for any PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN GRID COMPUTING and also can contact us.


Network optimization
Resource management
Load balancing
Energy consumption/ Power consumption
Fault tolerant
Workflow applications and also workflow architectures
P2P grids
Distributed computing Vs grid computing
Cost optimization

softwares & Tools

3)Gridbus Broker
12)And also SimGrid

Softwares & Tools Description
  • Aneka–>.NET-based Enterprise used for programming models and allows rapid creation of applications also to deploy them on private or public Clouds
  • Alchemi –> open source software framework that allows also to aggregate computing power of networked machines also into a virtual supercomputer.
  • Gridbus Broker–> schedules distributed data oriented applications across Windows and also Unix-variant Grid resources.
  • GridSim–> models and also simulate global Grids.
  • G-Monitor–> web portal with remote brokers to manage execution of applications also on Grids .
  • Legion –> Worldwide Virtual Computer with Legion Browser also using a secure server connection.
  • NorduGrid–>An Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware which also integrates computing resources
  • ProActive–>ProActive Parallel Suite platforms having High-Performance Workflows and Application Parallelization, enterprise Scheduling and also Orchestration.
  • UNICORE–>Provides ready-to-run Grid system including client and also server software.
  • g-Eclipse–>an integrated Grid enabled environment also with support for EGEE middleware gLite/LCG
  • GAT –> generic and flexible APIs also for accessing Grid services
  • SimGrid–> scientific instrument also used to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems.


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1.How can we show grid computing is better than cloud computing?

It can be showed only by using algorithms. We can use updated algorithms to enhance the performance and provide better features.

2.How will you show cost optimised solution?

Each project has different way to measure cost. In this regard, our implementation team can explain you full concept about the project and you can further work upon it.

3.How many computers we can connect to the maximum?

It depends upon the type of project we take. If it is peer to peer, only direct connection is needed. If distributed, we can use more than two systems.


  • Aneka
  • Alchemi
  • Gridbus Broker
  • GridSim
  • G-Monitor
  • Legion
  • NorduGrid
  • ProActive
  • g-Eclipse
  • GAT
  • SimGrid