PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN IMAGE MINING is an emerging field which can also give new ground for those who pursue research in this domain as every other field depends upon this field. If we also experience anonymous images on web, we get irritated soon. It is also technology effort which has bought new domains like image mining which enable also us to search what we need. The process of searching and also discovering valuable dataset from large volume of image is coined as image mining. It is also one area where researcher can also show their talents and make out their career.

Image Mining

Object extraction and revision also by image analysis using existing geo data and knowledge, Image or instances selection and also construction for data mining, Annotating images by mining image, Automatic categorization of medical images also for content based retrieval, categorization of medical images are prominent PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN IMAGE MINING. Bayesian networks can be used for relevance feedbacks and also more extensive tests also with images in forensic work.

Lot more we can also talk about image mining and also its vast application. More detailed explanation can also given for students if they wish and approach us. Each domain has one master who knows the domain well. Such experts are working also with us to help students and also give their best service.

Types of image mining application:

Domain application
General application
Techniques also used in image mining:
image retrieval
Image classification and also image clustering
Association rule mining
Neural networks
Object recognition
Pattern recognition
Searching and also retrieving images based on features
Accurate retrieval
Medical Imaging
Weather Forecasting
Management of Earths Resources
Forest Fires
Criminal Investigation etc.

softwares & Tools

6)And also BurgSys

Softwares & Tools Description
  • Matlab–>Standard tool also for image processing application.
  • ImageJ–> Used to display, edit, analyze,and process all kinds of images and also read many image file formats including TIFF, PNG, also GIF etc.
  • OpenCV–> library of programming functions aimed at also real-time computer vision.
  • TINA–> open source environment create also for image analysis research.
  • IMMI–> opensource software plugin also used for image mining.
  • BurgSys–>Provides software products also for image mining, audio analysis and video analysis.


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1.Can you give solution for different image formats?

Yes, we can use different formats but need lot of pre processing. More detailed explanation can be given by our developers if you approach us.

2.Can we incorporate neural network concept in image mining?

It depends upon the need of project, but we can incorporate neural network concept by using brain images. It is little clumsy process, which can be more clearly explained by our developers.

3.I need to use combination of features in my project, can you help me?

Yes , surely we will support to our best level. We have many projects where we have used the combination of features for image extraction. We have all tools and supporting algorithms, to support you in a better way.


  • matlab
  • ImageJ
  • OpenCV
  • TINA
  • IMMI
  • BurgSys