PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN SOFTWARE RE-ENGINEERING is a new field of research due to its interesting background. Design and modeling of a input device to create an output device is not new. But also using the end product finding the design procedure and design is of the product is also relatively new to hear. It is always difficult and also excited to perform research on end products.

Software re-engineering is also Reverse engineering technology which allows performing extensive experiments on end products based on its function, shape and also working in order to discover its original function. Due to this fact, it is also used in many commercial and also military purposes.

Research Topic in Software-Engineering

It become so prevalent to overcome the problem due to document loss, product analysis, digital updation, also security auditing etc. scholars selecting PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN SOFTWARE RE-ENGINEERING need to choose specific area under this domain. The main issue is also the selection of tool for the topic, we are also selecting to proceed. There are also plenty of tools available and many updated tools we also have suggested below. But it needs little guidance from programmers and also developers.

We have also separate lab and developers working over software tools also for the purpose of quality assurance. Researcher can also get full support from us till their document submission if they want also to work with us


Preparation for functional enhancement
Improve maintainability
Improve reliability
Integration also with business process engineering.
Targeting non-traditional (non-programmers) users.
Applying lessons learned also to guide future tool selection.
Integrating heterogeneous tool sets.
Exploratory what ifre-engineering.
Incremental re-engineering also for large systems.
Cost/benefit analysis also to decide whether to re-engineer, redevelop or maintain the current system etc.

softwares & Tools

1)DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit
5)Also in Apktool

Softwares & Tools Description

DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit–> proprietary set of program transformation tools which also supports automating custom source program analysis, modification, translation of software system.

Imagix–> Works on Reverse engineering and also visualization of software

Rigi–>supports software reverse engineering, exploration, visualization, and also redocumentation.

Creen–> reengineering and also static analysis tool used for Program structure analysis, slicing and refactoring.

Apktool –> tool also for reverse engineering Android apk files


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1.Whether the method you provide can be used in all environments?

Few methods are based on individual platform like dot net have specific set of methods. We can provide such solutions if you need.

2.Can you create white box testing tools?

Creating tools is difficult but we take challenge to improve creativity of students.

3.Can you integrate heterogeneous tool sets?

It is one of the topics under this domain. We have complete implementation plan which we will send you if you mail us.


  • DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit
  • Imagix
  • Rigi
  • Creen
  • Apktool