PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN VIDEO STREAMING is also a hot topic for research from many years. Early approaches used single server where people mainly focused on utilization of resource, and also timely data retrieval. But now the world has changed to e-world where everything is possible due to internet. Now, we are handling multi servers, wireless devices and also many other technologies all at a time.

Research Topic in Video Streaming

This advent has not only upgraded the devices but also its usage. People cannot wait still the video streams completely and also hence move on to other sites for fast access. This has made many online video community and network operators to search alternative solution also for streaming problem. Many video community services like you tube, torrent and pplive needs upgraded solution to avoid video streaming problem. This fact has leaded the researchers also to opt PhD-research topic.

The need of people is high; all need to view video from various devices at the same time but at high speed. Even we cannot wait for half an hour to download a movie. All like to post videos on social site within a second. PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN VIDEO STREAMING can help the researcher to better identify solution to avoid delay in video streaming to cope up also with the growing need of video lovers.

Other key areas also for research includes applied search and video personalization technology , Improving quality of service without affecting video quality, power consumption for playing video etc. Video streaming applications can be also used in educational institution, and also hospitals. More information regarding this domain can also gathered by contacting our experts in this domain


Traffic modeling and prediction also for video scheduling
Scheduling also for video streaming
Wireless loss and also error differentiation
User mobility
Data multihoming
Server Replication
Congestion coherence
Scalable Coding
Multiple Descriptive Coding
Traffic differentiation
Media-aware methodologies like Buffering, Queuing, also Dropping, deadline scheduling, Resource reservation
Air-time fairness
Header Compression
And also Power Control etc.


4)And also Open-LTE


OpenSim–>Open source server platform which is also used to host virtual worlds.

OPSS–> Overlay P2P Streaming Simulator also used to simulate large scale p2p streaming system.

Open-LTE–>Also used for mobile video streaming.

p2pTv–> OMNeT++ based simulator also for P2P TV system


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1.How to improve quality of image using fewer pixels?

There is a concept of reducing the pixel which will not alter image quality. It is a research domain where our experts are working. You can contact us by email or phone for further details.

2.How can we conserve power using video?

It is based on the integration of image processing concept with video streaming application. It is tedious process but we have done many such projects. It requires detailed explanation which we can share only by direct communication.

3.What way we can improve the QOS of video streaming?

Maximum projects are based on QOS approach which can be implemented by using multiple servers. We can use other approaches with recent algorithms also


  • OpenSim
  • P2PTV
  • OPSS
  • Open-LTE