PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN VISUAL CRYPTOGRAPHY is powerful domain due to its ever growing need. Cryptography is a common word for many of us. Cryptography means encoding a word into a format also that cannot be understood by others. It was first introduced when mankind needed a secret language to communicate. It has also lead to the innovation many new technology like Network cryptography, also visual cryptography etc.

PhD Research in Cryptography

Visual-cryptography combines the notion of perfect cipher with raster image for the purpose of secret sharing. VC do not require additional power for decryption, it is also performed by human visual system. It is an advancement of stenography where we also hide a message inside the image for the purpose of security.

It is also based on two methods i.e basic method of data hiding inside the image and use of color image also for multiple secret sharing. PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN VISUAL CRYPTOGRAPHY can also taken in order to solve the issues like Image share size improvement, ability also to share multiple secrets, improve efficiency of VC scheme and also contrast improvement. Techniques like watermarking and also Usage of MOires pattern fall under visual cryptography.


Researcher taking also a visual-cryptography have large scope in the fields like defense security, banking operations and also certificate validation. Scholars need to know about advanced algorithm and also tools to learn more about this domain. We also have helped our students by providing all information about the tools and techniques required also to implement a project in VC


Face authentication system
Captcha authentication system
Web security system
Validation also on encryption techniques of visual cryptography
Security & also Login Module
Encoding the Image
Decoding the Image
Verification of Images
User Interface & also Manual
Electronic-Balloting System
Visual Cryptography also for General Access Structure by Multi-pixel Encoding with Variable Block Size
Visual Cryptography for Print and also Scan Applications
Halftone visual cryptography
Joint Visual Cryptography and also Watermarking


1)Visual Cryptography Kit
3)Also .Net FrameWork


Visual Cryptography Kit–> allows easy practical experimentation also for fascinating invention.

Java–>Used also to securely encrypte messages

.Net FrameWork–> Use C# method also to encrypt the message


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1.While implementing Email based security, sometimes we get problem, can you suggest solution?

Email based security implementation face problem due to OS version or few hardware based technical problem. It can be solved by our technicians.

2.Do I need specific image format for this?

In visual cryptography projects, pre processing is done using image processing tools and algorithms. Any format can be given as input and if needed can be converted to other formats.

3.Can you work on images without degrading its quality?

Data hiding involves text hiding inside the image. Generally it degrades the image quality but we can use few algorithms to overcome such problems


  • Visual Cryptography Kit
  • Java
  • .Net FrameWork